Types of Mattresses

In this article we'll talk about all kinds of mattresses - from the hardest to the narrowest. Each person needs a different type of mattress. We'll give you a wide range to choose from.
Types of Mattresses

Last update: 31 October, 2018

There are many types of mattresses on the market. It’s important to know about the different types of mattresses because they significantly impact how we sleep. 

We usually make the mistake of thinking that it doesn’t matter what mattress we use. However, picking a mattress is very important and requires a lot of thought and research.

Other times, we overlook the issue because we rent a home and use furniture that came with our apartment. Sometimes we even using a mattress that came with the home. Why would we spend money on a mattress that’s already there, especially if you won’t live there for very long?

We should have our own mattress, even if we’re renting a space. Our unique physical characteristics require that we have our own special mattress. 

In today’s article we’ll talk about the different types of mattresses and the things we should take into account before we buy one.

The most common type of mattresses

Spring mattress

The current mattress models have nothing to do with the ideas that we have in our heads about box spring mattresses being super uncomfortable.

Thanks to new technology, we can find models of totally different materials that make a spring mattress far more comfortable.

There’s a major advantage to these types of mattresses – they offer a firm and durable surface. They also distribute weight fairly evenly.

In addition, a spring mattress is one of the best ventilated, airiest products on the market. 

These are called box spring mattresses because the springs are packed into cloth bags.

In principle they adapt well to your body’s shape and they offer good ventilation. However, they lose their height and capacity over time.

Finally, mattresses with independent or biconal springs are the most traditional type.

They have a core out of vertically placed metal springs. They are narrow in the center and they’re intertwined with one another with metal wires.


Foam mattress

A foam mattress contains thousands of air bubbles made of polyester or polyurethane that are covered with a sheath. The number of bubbles varies, as well as other factors. The more bubbles, the firmer the mattress is.

This type of mattress is lightweight and softer, so they take a little longer to age.

They’re usually easy to incorporate into your home and they insulate heat well. 

They’re ideal to use in children’s bedrooms.

foam mattresses

Viscoelastic mattress

This type of mattress is characterized by what we call ‘weightlessness’ because it adapts to your body’s shape. It makes us feel as if we’re floating.

This occurs because this material is a special foam that changes under different heat and pressure.

It’s ideal for relieving tension in your back. 

We should note that a viscoelastic mattress isn’t made entirely of this material. It’s usually in the upper layers of the mattress.

This type of mattress is best for people who spend a lot of time in bed.

Latex mattress

Finally, we have a mattress that is made out of latex; either natural or artificial.

Actually, latex mattresses combine latex with other materials.

This type of mattress is firm, but at the same time is flexible and adapts very well to your body. In addition, they’re great heat insulators and they’re pleasant to the touch.

Latex mattresses are perfect for people who move a lot at night.

This material also absorbs movements very well.

These are also great for people with allergies or asthma because latex prevents the proliferation of mites. 

However, obviously don’t buy this mattress if you’re allergic to latex. The downside of this type of mattress is that they’re quite heavy and expensive.

latex mattresses

Other types of mattresses

We can find many other different types of mattresses on the market.

There are special mattresses, such as orthopedic mattresses, water mattresses, futons, Japanese mattresses, or wool mattresses.


There are several types of mattresses. They all have different characteristics that can suit everybody’s needs. 

Therefore, it’s important that when you buy a mattress you take your time.

Fortunately, mattress stores will let you try them. So sit down, lie down, and test out how they feel.

Buy whichever mattress you see as the most comfortable. If you don’t have any muscle or bone problems, invest a little more.

It’s better to buy a mattress that helps improve your life than one that causes you discomfort. 

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