Helpful Ideas for Master Bedroom Layout

We're going to give you some ideas on how to make your master bedroom the intimate, comfortable space it should be. The best part is that you don't need to be a design professional to do it.
Helpful Ideas for Master Bedroom Layout

Last update: 28 August, 2019

The most important part of a master bedroom is the bed. Once you have that in the room, you can start working on the master bedroom layout and adding the other features. That could be anything from a workspace, somewhere to put your clothes, a reading corner, etc…

This room should be an intimate space that feels like a refuge. It’s a place away from the noise and bustle, somewhere you can rest. In other words, it’s all about comfort, and your bed is the key element in that.

Along the same lines, when it comes to the layout of your entire home, you need to choose the room for the master bedroom well. Make sure to keep in mind the orientation of the room, and which direction the windows face.

It’s also important for the room to be clean and tidy. That means you need to have an efficient storage system. Doing that will help keep your clothes and accessories in the space in check, though you generally don’t want a lot of stuff in there anyway.

Layout for the master bedroom: a multi-functional space

In this day and age, bedrooms have become multi-functional spaces for more than just sleeping and resting. You can also read, listen to music, work, eat breakfast, and all kinds of other things in this room.

But doing those things will also require you to have some furniture we don’t always associate with bedrooms. You might want a work desk, a table for your TV, an armchair to read in, etc…If there’s enough space, you could even add a bathroom or walk-in closet.

But if you want to put your bed in the right place, you have to factor in the shape of the room, and where the door and windows are. The most aesthetically pleasing thing to do (if you can) would be to face it towards either the door or the windows. For example, if you have a terrace or a nice view, that’s a great thing to wake up to.

You can also put the bed parallel to a window to take advantage of the natural light. Just don’t put it right under the window, or where the air currents come through. You also want your headboard to be against a wall.

Bed placement can vary depending on the shape of the room

If your master bedroom has a square layout, you can put the bed against a side wall, and use the wall opposite your headboard for a large closet (walk-in, or a piece of furniture). At either side of the bed, the window and door will create an air current that shouldn’t interfere with your sleep.

If your master bedroom has a rectangular layout, you can face the bed towards the windows and put some floor-to-ceiling closets on one side. An L-shaped bedroom gives you even more options because you can add a bookshelf, a reading or work corner, and all kinds of other things.

Master bedroom organization

This is a space people tend to store lots of personal items: clothes, shoes, accessories, jewels, or even books and photos. You can gain space by distributing the closets and shelves well. It’ll also give you a lot more room to store and display objects.

One of the best clothes-organizing options is a walk-in closet. But this isn’t necessarily a good idea in a small bedroom, it can take away space from the bathroom or walking space.

Another option that will give you lots of space is to install multiple built-in closets. If your ceiling is high enough, you can get a fitted closet built around your bed.

But where do you store all your books and personal items? Well, depending on the space, you can put in a bookshelf all along one wall. Or you can just install a pillar-shelf in a small gap between the closet and wall. The free space under a window is also a great place for short bookshelves and dressers.

Additional furniture

A master bedroom layout with lots of shelves and plants.

Once you’ve figured out the layout for all the main furniture in your master bedroom, it’s time to start thinking about some smaller pieces. A chiffonier, a chest of drawers, or a dresser could all make for a nice complement to the storage options you already have in your room.

It’s always nice to have some kind of surface by your bed to put a lamp and other daily objects in easy reach. If you don’t have much space, you can substitute nightstands for two built-in shelves and use wall lamps instead of standing ones.

But if you’re the kind of person who has lots of shoes, that can also seem like a major problem storage-wise. If you don’t have much space left, you can get a collapsible shoe rack with multiple shelves. By storing your shoes vertically, these racks take up very little space (about 1.2-1.6 feet). They can even fit behind a door.

Another great idea is to put a collapsible bench with a cover at the foot of your bed. This will do more than just give you a place to sit and put your shoes on or take them off. It will also add another place to store things like bedsheets. It’s both practical and decorative. Another good furniture option here would be a puff chair.

In this day and age, master bedroom workspaces are becoming very common, and are super versatile. You can simply add a table or desk by the window to make the most of the space.

So, as you can see, adding square footage to your master bedroom is the best way to decorate in the 21st century. You can and should take advantage of whatever space you have. All you need for that is a bit of imagination and vision.

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