How To Create A Boutique Hotel-Style Bedroom

Unsurprisingly, boutique hotel-style bedrooms are in increasingly high demand in the world of interior design. If you want to bring the luxury of the world's most beautiful hotels to your bedroom there are a few key aspects you'll need to keep in mind.
How To Create A Boutique Hotel-Style Bedroom

Last update: 11 February, 2020

When we talk about the boutique hotel-style, we’re referring to a relatively new concept that’s gradually been making its way into the world of interior decor. In reality, the boutique hotel-style is more of a decorating philosophy than one specific aesthetic.

Boutique hotels began to rise in popularity more than a decade ago. They stood out for their unique sense of character and style in a way that large hotel chains didn’t.

This idea of individuality moved away from the standard, uniform style that characterized conventional hotels. But more than that, they offered a sense of luxury, in terms of both aesthetics and the services on offer.

This idea of personalized luxury captivated people around the world, who sought to bring these qualities into their own homes. This was especially true of bedrooms, as it’s there that this style is most obvious. Let’s take a closer look at what the boutique hotel-style is, and how to create it.

Luxury – the key to the boutique hotel-style

A luxury bedroom.

This style aims to add a sense of luxury to every aspect of the room, from the overall aesthetics, right down to each sensation it produces. The good thing about this look is that it works well with most styles, from classical to avant-garde, and even themed decor.

The key to recreating this style in your bedroom is to use luxury materials that capture the boutique look while depersonalizing the room to create that distinctive hotel feel. Small, intricate details, a high-quality finish, and eclectic touches here and there are essential if you want to nail this look.

The upholstery should be rich, avant-garde and stylish, while contemporary artwork should hang on the walls. You’ll also need to pay attention to the lighting and try to create a sense of order and tidiness. These are just some of the secrets behind this unique style.

Bring the hotel look to your home

Luxury boutique hotel-style bedroom.

Attempting to recreate this looks in your home creates a curious contradiction. When it comes to decorating boutique hotels, it’s all about customization and personalization. The final result shouldn’t look anything like any other hotel in the world, and the rooms should have their own sense of character.

But when you bring the boutique style into your home, you need to try to create that neutral atmosphere that characterizes hotel rooms. To do this, you need to depersonalize your room as far as possible, focusing on the quality of the furniture, and the originality of the decor.

The ability to combine ornately decorated walls, silk or velvet upholstery and high-quality furniture, while simultaneously creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is essential for creating this look. It doesn’t matter what kind of decorative style you go for, as long as it conveys that feeling of luxury.

The boutique hotel style – the feeling of luxury

Gray and white bedroom decor.

Sight is just one of our senses. When it comes to giving your room that luxury feel, touch is just as important. After all, what better feeling in the world than climbing into a luxury hotel bed at the end of a long day?

Natural fiber bed sheets ironed to perfection. A comfy mattress. Pillows of all different sizes and thicknesses. Fluffy, scented bathrobes you can wrap yourself in when you get out of the shower. Fine quality towels. These are all the things we appreciate most when staying in a hotel.

Because it’s so difficult to buy these luxury bed sheets in typical home stores, we’re starting to see more and more specialist stores where you can buy the type of bedding you’d normally only find in high-end hotels.

Create your sanctuary

Classical bedroom.

It doesn’t matter what colors you use to decorate your boutique hotel-style bedroom. What’s important is that everything works in harmony and that the colors are specially chosen to complement one another.

Windows or doors leading out onto balconies or terraces should have both fabric and net curtains to let in or block out light as needed. Ideally, the curtain rails shouldn’t be visible, and everything should have a crisp, clean finish.

Materials like marble, hardwoods, mirrored or highly polished surfaces, and ornate dressers are all great options to keep in mind. In short, it’s best to choose materials that move away from conventional, high-street styles. The point of the boutique hotel-style is to create your sanctuary that you’ll never want to leave.

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