Shower or Bathtub? The Pros and Cons of Each

Bathtub or shower? That's the big question. If you're not sure which one you want, read our post today.
Shower or Bathtub? The Pros and Cons of Each

Last update: 30 October, 2019

Shower or bathtub? Neither is better than the other and to be completely honest, almost all of us would love to have both – to be able to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath after a long day at work and an energizing shower each morning upon waking up. But if you have to choose between shower or bathtub, your answer is tied to your needs, bathroom size and hygiene habits.

Shower or bathtub? When you have to choose

shower bathtub choice

While showers and bathtubs aren’t incompatible nor make having the other impossible, they don’t always fit together well in a single bathroom. If you’re one of the lucky ones that doesn’t have to choose between them, good for you! But if you’re facing the decision, check out our straightforward pro and con lists.

Bathtub – an item off the wish-list

shower bathtub tub

Who doesn’t enjoy a good, relaxing bath? Despite how much we all love them, not everyone can have a bathtub. You need at least 70 x 140 cm to fit in a standard rectangular tub. Do you have the space? If so, go for it – soak yourself in a warm bath and give your bathroom the elegant decor that bathtubs offer.

  • Among the advantages that come with tubs, our favorite one is how much they enable you to relax. Just a few minutes soaking in warm water with bath salts and essential oils can tranquilize your nervous system. It can free you of everyday stress and prepare you for quality sleep.
  • Tubs are ideal if you have children. Your children can play during bath-time, which isn’t possible with showers. Little ones love spending their time splashing around in bathtubs.
  • Bathtubs decorate your bathroom with their presence. Bathrooms with a tub look amazing, especially if it’s free-standing. These tubs do, however, require a great deal of space.
  • Adding to the previous point, bathtubs come in all kinds of models and materials. Forget about the cold, metal bathtubs of the past. Today, we have Krion by Systempool which offers a warm, relaxing design as well as anti-bacterial technology.

Shower: a reduced-space solution

shower bathtub shower

If you have a smaller bathroom, there’s no question about it – you need a shower instead. You need at least 90 x 90 cm to install a shower but if you can give it a few centimeters more, even better.

Or, if you need an even smaller shower, you can find shower stalls from 70 x 70 cm in size. Smaller sizes aren’t the only advantage showers have:

  • Showers offer an energizing way to start each morning. It’s the best way to wake up and begin your day. A nice, hot shower after work also feels amazing, don’t you agree?
  • It’s faster. We all know that time is against us so a quick shower is the best way to get clean.
  • Compared to bathtubs, showers use less water. Showers might use up to 100 liters of water to shower while you would need between 150 and 250 liters to fill a tub depending on the size.
  • You should also consider that stepping into a shower is much easier especially for the elderly or people who have limited movement. You can find shower stalls that suit any necessity or condition, allowing for easy access.
  • Showers can fit any space. You can practically custom-design them to fit your bathroom in the materials of your choice. They can be round, rectangle, triangular or square.
  • If you go for a shower, make sure to install a quality encasing. Take your time to choose the right design and materials. Here are some tips on choosing shower doors.

We hope you have a clear idea of what you want after reading our post. Remember, your decision depends mostly on your preferences, needs and the size of your bathroom.