Only Looking for the Best? Know Your Top Bathtub Options

Now you can place bathtubs anywhere in your bathroom, even in the very center.
Only Looking for the Best? Know Your Top Bathtub Options

Last update: 30 December, 2018

In many homes, people prefer to swap their bathtub for a shower to gain some extra space and depth. However, we’re currently seeing a trend that’s going back to bathtubs.

But, what’s behind this trend? Well, bathtubs have always added a certain something, creating an air of elegance. Before, bathtubs were one of the most important elements of a bathroom because they provided rest and relaxation. And that’s why they’re back.

These days, the ways you can install a tub have come a long way. They don’t have to be against a wall anymore nor do they have to be built into another structure. Now, you can have your tub wherever you want, even in the very center of your bathroom.

In our post today, we’ll fill you in on the latest bathtub trends and the most popular materials for them.

Bathtub materials

Steel tubs

These tubs are solid and very economical. However, they can eventually lose their natural color and shine.

Enameled steel tubs are much more delicate and adapt better to temperature changes. However, they also can deteriorate over time.


Ceramic tubs

Ceramic tubs have a beautiful, elegant finish. However, they can crack easily if you’re not careful.

Cast iron tubs

Unlike the other tubs on our list, cast iron tubs can last for a very long time because they can withstand a lot. This is due to their composition, cast iron, with a paste varnish seal in the color of your choice.

The materials make the tub quite pricey. However, the quality and long-product life will be well worth the price.

Cast iron tubs have something antique and classical about them because they are of the same style of days gone by. As a result, they look great in vintage or retro bathrooms.

Solid surface tubs

Solid surface tubs have more of a modern design. Similar to cast iron tubs, solid surface tubs also withstand impact and external agents very well.

The materials that go into the making of this kind of tub are a combination of 70% mineral and 30% resin. The make-up makes them easily repairable in the case of any impact or marks. It also has a smooth finish, which makes the tub easier to clean.

Solid surface tubs are heavier than cast iron models because they’re more robust so you can enjoy this style for years.

These tubs are one of the more expensive options. However, the price:quality ratio is great, making the tub a wonderful investment.

Acrylic tubs

Acrylic is one of the most commonly used materials for bathtubs because it’s very light. It’s tough, resilient and allows for a perfect application of finishes, with nice curves and thin borders.

These kinds of tubs come in a lot of different styles and colors. Though it depends on the model that you choose, some can crack or deteriorate quickly.

Bathtub 2

Some big pros for acrylic tubs include a low price tag and the fact that their smoothness makes for easy cleaning. Furthermore, because acrylic tubs are lighter than their counterparts, transporting them is easier as well.

Something to keep in mind though, that’s directly related to the price, is the thickness. If a tub is just 3 or 4 mm. thick, the quality is pretty low. A medium quality tub will be around 6 mm. thick and a good one will be 8 mm.


Rectangular tubs with straight lines are the ones that best fit the minimalist style. Aside from following this look, these tubs are extremely practical because they don’t take up a lot of space and they create an air of order and tranquility.

These bathtubs have a very elegant and contemporary design.


Rural bathtubs mainly use wood, stone, and clay.

Many rural style tubs include wooden compartments to store decorative elements.

The rural style is designed to create a calm ambiance that lets you kick back and relax. Decorating with some plants and wicker baskets with different accessories is a great idea.

Architectural lines

This is a truly beautiful and comfortable style. It’ll bring overall good vibes and balance to your bathtub. The style creates volume, responding to the aesthetic and ergonomic needs of your bathroom.


In designs that use architectural lines, we often see decor that uses natural elements to create a warmer ambiance, such as candles, essential oils, lights and anything else that you can think of.


The eclectic style uses elements from different styles and time periods. Gray is usually the main color because it transmits a sense of comfort.

Having a good layout is essential; showcase your favorite elements like your shelves, baskets or stools.


The vintage look includes a special retro footed bathtub. They’re the centerpiece of the bathroom and take us back to the wealthy homes of the past.

And what about you– ready to change your bathtub?

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