Let’s Transform Your Bathroom in Five Steps

With these tips, you can transform your bathroom and make it a pleasant and functional space for the entire family.
Let’s Transform Your Bathroom in Five Steps

Last update: 07 October, 2020

We want to help you transform your bathroom. Have you noticed that bathrooms are usually one of the smallest but most used rooms in any home? For this reason, it’s important to have smart solutions to create fluidity and ensure order.

It’s time to focus your attention on improving your bathroom so that it meets family needs and is comfortable. Below, we’ll give you some guidelines for achieving this!

1. Tidiness and order to transform your bathroom

Colorful shelves in a bathroom.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

The first step to having a tidy and functional bathroom is to have a look at all the products you’re storing. To do this, it’s best to take everything out of the drawers, shelves, or cabinets and classify them into three categories: the products you use every day, occasionally, and never.

What you never use is taking up precious space. So it’s time to get rid of these products. Then, place the things you use every day in the most easily accessible areas so that they’re always on hand. Finally, you can put what you only use occasionally in the less-accessible bathroom areas.

Also, take an inventory of the products you have so you know when they’re going to run out (gels, toilet paper, creams, etc.). You can store these products in less-accessible areas.

2. Organize by function

Different toiletries.

A very useful way to organize bathroom products is to do so by function. That way, it’ll be easy for you to locate and put them away after each use and this will facilitate tidiness. To do this, you can use baskets, boxes, or toiletry bags.

For example, you can group the products you need every day into categories such as the face, mouth, body care, shaving, makeup, feminine hygiene, etc.

3. Close but separate

A few plastic baskets.
Plastic baskets / es.dhgate.com

In family bathrooms, there are usually products everyone uses. However, there are also products for personal use. Below, we give you some ideas to organize the latter so that each family member stores their things separately:

  • Shelves or drawers assigned to each family member.
  • Individual toiletry bags with a defined place for each.
  • Separate toothbrush holders.
  • Colored bath towels to make sure they’re only used by their owner. Another idea is to embroider an initial on each towel.
  • If you don’t have a lot of space, it’s a good idea to use a cart so everyone can store their things on each shelf.
  • Everyone should commit to tidying up both common and personal products and putting them in their place when they finish using them.

4. Take advantage of every inch to transform your bathroom

A cabinet over a toilet.
Image: pinterest.es

Space can be a problem in bathrooms. The great news is that several alternatives can help you gain extra room:

  • Analyze the space you have over the toilet. People don’t tend to take advantage of it. However, putting up a few simple shelves or a narrow wall unit can give you some extra storage space.
  • Take advantage of the space above the door to install some shelves and store larger products such as towels or toilet paper.
  • Put a hanger on the door, as this is the perfect solution for bathrobes or towels.

Extra storage space

A cart in the bathroom.
Image: pinterest.es

Your bathroom has more storage capacity than you may think. We’re going to show you below! Check out these suggestions to gain more space:

  1. Mirror cabinets. Have you ever considered replacing your mirror with a mirror cabinet? It’s functional and gives you extra storage space.
  2. Shelves. These are a practical and simple solution. The best thing about them is that they allow you to take advantage of any wall surface and turn it into storage space.
  3. Cabinets. You can find them in different sizes and heights. If you have a clear wall, they’re the ideal solution to keep your bathroom tidy.
  4. Drawers. These are definitely the best way to save space and keep everything organized and close at hand.
  5. Carts. These allow you to optimize space and, since they have wheels, they’re easy to move.

5. A warm and welcoming space

A relaxing bathroom.

Even the smallest bathrooms can become cozy spaces. With some practical ideas, you can achieve this:

  • Have a Bluetooth speaker on hand to enjoy music while you shower, apply a beauty treatment, or get ready.
  • Candles decorate and add delicious aromas to your bathroom. They also help you relax.
  • Decorative elements such as paintings or photos are great ways to personalize your bathroom and can give it a very intimate touch.
  • If you have children, adding a toy corner can be practical and decorative.

Transform your bathroom with these simple steps. Your entire family will love it! Also, it’s important to remember to keep it tidy and make sure that each family member has easy access to their products.

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