The Advantages of Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall-mounted toilets are trendy because they have a lot of advantages and an attractive design.
The Advantages of Wall-Mounted Toilets

Last update: 23 May, 2020

Wall-mounted toilets used to be exclusive to luxury bathrooms and trendy hotels. Little by little, they earned a spot in many people’s homes.

Before you buy something, you study the features it offers. Yet, looks are important. You want something that works, but that fits your aesthetic too.

A bathroom is an essential place

On average, human beings spend one hour and 42 minutes a week in the bathroom.

In the past, the bathroom’s only function was to clean and relieve yourself. But, as time went by, it’s become a place of beauty and relaxation. Today it’s a place we need to feel as comfortable in.

A bathroom with a wall-mounted toilet.

Comfort, style, and hygiene

Nowadays, people think about what they’ll put in their bathrooms. Things like furniture, accessories, tiles, toilets, and shelves are important. Comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand.

When you walk into a bathroom, you want it to be more than clean. You want your bathroom to be comfortable and look appealing. To create this you should use functional but striking objects.

Small bathroom with wall-mounted toilet.

Wall-mounted toilets – pros and cons

Toilets are the main necessity in a bathroom. They’re essential in our daily lives and it’s wise to choose one you like.

Wall-mounted toilets are striking. Unlike other toilets, these don’t touch the floor, they hang a few inches above the ground. This makes it easier to clean the bathroom floor. This is one of the advantages of wall-mounted toilets. However, this isn’t the only advantage they have.

Their sleek and simple design and their small size make them discreet. Wall-mounted toilets integrate into the rest of the bathroom.

It’s worth mentioning that, while they’re perfect for small bathrooms, they can be used in a large bathroom too. This allows you to make the best out of the space and have more freedom of movement.

One disadvantage, though, of wall-mounted toilets is their installation. This takes more time and money than installing a traditional toilet.

Wall-mounted toilets are an innovative trend that fits big or small bathrooms. We like them because they’re beautiful and functional. Perfect for a minimalist aesthetic.

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