Cleaning the Bathroom: Choosing the Best Products

Cleaning the bathroom and keeping it clean is essential, but at the same time you have to use good products that guarantee quality assurance.
Cleaning the Bathroom: Choosing the Best Products

Last update: 31 October, 2018

We often don´t like cleaning the bathroom. Or maybe we feel that when we’re cleaning, we’re not actually being effective. This may be because we’re not using our cleaning products properly. In this article we’ll give you some tips on choosing the best products for cleaning your bathroom.

The bathroom becomes the most dirty room in the house throughout the day. Therefore, it requires the most attention when it comes to cleaning, even more than a bedroom or kitchen. It’s essential that we don’t neglect our bathrooms over time and that we develop good hygienic habits.

It can be paradoxical, but in reality, it’s very important to choose cleaning products properly, hence the importance of making a good purchase in the supermarket or drug store.

Make the best purchase possible when cleaning the bathroom

It’s common for us to choose products that don’t always solve our needs. There are times that we go to the supermarket and pick out cleaning supplies according to the price rather than the brand or the product’s effectiveness.

cleaning the bathroom

Using only low-price or the cheapest brands can actually cost us more money over time due to how inefficient they are. They don’t clean properly, and therefore they’re not doing their job. Take into account the following aspects:

  • Look at all the products, their brands, and compare prices and consult the internet on how well they clean the bathroom. Sometimes, it can come as a surprise to read negative comments that are attached to some brands. 
  • Choose consciously. Don’t choose a product just because it costs less. You really do get what you pay for. Cheaper things may not clean well, have a poor finish, and even generate strong and unhealthy odors for you and your family.
  • A recognized brand with quality assurance, even though it may be more expensive, is the best way to get the best result. This is because it gives off a nice smell, disinfects the space, and will give your surfaces an incomparable shine.

The importance of disinfecting

A dirty bathroom is synonymous with germs, bacteria, and bad odors. We’re sure that you’ve experienced this in public restrooms of bars, gas station bathrooms, etc. These don’t get cleaned very regularly and become places that harbor infection.

If you can avoid a disgusting bathroom, why not do it? Cleaning the bathroom and making your bathroom the best, cleanest place to be is ideal. There’s nothing worse than coming home each day and finding an unusable space just because somebody was too lazy or irresponsible to clean up their mess.

  • You have to keep your bathroom clean daily. Cleaning the bathroom should be something that you do every day. In fact, cleaning it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes every day. This way you and your guests will feel comfortable using your bathroom.
  • It’s important to use disinfectant products, such as bleach, to eliminate possible bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, and bad aromas that are so common in bathrooms.
  • When you clean your bathroom, you should scrub the entire toilet. Every inch of it should be disinfected, as well as your sink and shower. The last step is for you to scrub the floor with whichever cleaning product suits your type of floor best.

Daily cleaning should be a must in anyone’s life. 

How do I go about cleaning my bathroom?

Keep in mind that some products can be harmful to the skin. In this way, we must bear in mind that good protection, such as using gloves, is important.

  • Use plastic or rubber gloves. You can use the gloves that you would normally use to clean your dishes. They’re great because they keep your hands free from chemicals without letting anything seep through.
  • If you’re going to use ammonia, it’s important that you use a mask and don’t expose yourself to odors for a long time. You’ll have to work with it quickly.
  • Scrub the entire surface of the toilet. You don’t need to clean the walls daily, but monthly.
  • Leave the products to act for one minute on each surface before you scrub them off. When you do this make sure that no chemicals or products remain on your surfaces.
  • You can place an air freshener in your bathroom. You can find one to plug into your electrical outlet, you can use a candle, or you can use an oil diffuser with reeds. This will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.
cleaning the bathroom

The best brands on the market

When it comes to the best brands on the market for cleaning the bathroom, you should focus on the products that offer the best finish possible.

  • Lejia Estrella. Historically, the brand has a great reputation when it comes to cleaning toilets and floors. Nevertheless, this brand is mostly focused on cleaning the bathroom and kitchen floors.
  • Duck WC. Without a doubt, this product is efficient, useful, and very practical for cleaning and giving out a good smell. The manufacturers created it exclusively to offer the best results.
  • CIF. You can use CIF to clean toilets in such a way that you’re able to clean even the hardest to reach corners.
  • Tenn. Another brand that, without a doubt, offers wonderful bathroom cleaning. You can find it for different purposes and in different scents.
  • White marks. Some brands that we recommend are Deliplus or Hacendado.

Keep your home clean, and you’ll experience unparalleled comfort. 

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