Rustic Wooden Porches

Home decor doesn't just mean interiors. Porches are an interest space that has a lot to offer if it's wide, spacious and rustic.
Rustic Wooden Porches

Last update: 28 January, 2021

In our post today, we have some rustic wooden porch ideas to show you. They’re beautiful and innovative, regardless of if your porch faces the street or the backyard.

Closed or open, the porch is just an extension of the home. They’re an add-on for home exteriors, aiming to gain space and provide a nice spot to relax.

The possibilities that a porch can offer are infinite. They could range from a garden to a star-gazing space, or even an area for special events. Whatever you might come up with, you can make it happen.

Why have a porch?

Tipos de porche: cerrado o abierto.

A porch gives you the freedom to get in touch with the outdoors without leaving home. In other words, it’s a space that leads you directly to the street or backyard.

Natural light will be the main factor. All day long, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh air and the lighting that’ll allow you to connect with your surroundings.

However, you can also close off your porch with glass walls or curtains. It all depends on what kind of setting you want to create. Glass walls are actually a fantastic option for winter.

Decorating your home isn’t just about the interiors. It includes the exteriors as well.

Characteristics of rustic wooden porches

wooden porch 2

So, what are the main characteristics that all rustic wooden porches should have? First off, you need to know that it won’t be anything to do with a classical or elegant setting; instead, they’ll create an informal, casual ambiance.

  • Wood is going to be the main construction material. Wood columns and beams are sturdy frames that’ll match perfectly with the style.
  • The porch should be horizontal, spreading outwards with a slanted roof attached to the side of your home. You can also consider using a gable roof.
  • You can also assemble a small roof with roof tiles, imitating a small-town style. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to fit it with an Onduline system to prevent water filtration or leaks. The design is simple and won’t require any complicated projects.


Wooden porch 4

Try to maintain an aesthetic flow throughout the wooden porch by using the flooring. Avoid strong contrasts; instead, aim for links and  dialogue. Above all, make sure that your porch is clearly rustic.

  • If you’re looking for a floor that’s easy to clean, resistant and beautiful, tiles are your best option. Save grass for your backyard and keep it off the porch as it’s a space of high-transit.
  • Look for light toasted colors: brown, garnet, beige, etc. Any of those three could be a great option. You could even use tiles that include designs.
  • Another good option is wood. Visually, wood looks great but might suffer from the outdoors. Wood wears down over time and will be affected by weather conditions.

Protecting your porch with enclosing walls

Wooden porch 4

If you want to use your porch all-year-round, your best solution is enclosing it in glass walls or big window doors that allow natural light to pass through.

With this option, try looking for big panels that work as sliding doors for easy opening and closing. The main objective is to protect your porch from the outdoors. With an enclosed porch, you could warm it up during the winter or even use it at night.

The choices are endless. They all can give you great results, allowing you to make the most of a space that’s often not used to its full potential.

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