Pool Water Maintenance

You should check up on your pool regularly and always use testing kit. These kits will help you keep your water at optimal levels.
Pool Water Maintenance

Last update: 20 May, 2019

Having a pool is a true luxury that not everyone can afford. If you’re one of the lucky ones, remember that they require regular maintenance. A big part of the maintenance has to do with water quality. Luckily, there are pool water testing kits that can help you with the task.

In our post today, we’ll explain everything you need to know about these handy kits. We’ll also show you the parameters that you need to check and the steps to follow for basic pool maintenance.

What are the parameters for checking pool water?

You need to regularly check on several factors. Regular maintenance is the only way to keep your pool completely safe, hygienic and in optimal condition.

In the paragraphs below, we’ll explain which ones are the most important and others that need a sharp eye as well, especially if your pool is uncovered.


pool water chlorine

Checking chlorine levels is the best-known maintenance step. Chlorine keeps pool water clean and free of bacteria. It’s a disinfectant that keeps water in its best state for safe use.

Most testing kits have three variables that you should be familiar with: total chlorine, free chlorine, and residual chlorine.

  • Total chlorine: total concentration of chlorine in the water.
  • Free chlorine: concentration of active chlorine in the water.
  • Residual chlorine: concentration of chlorine that has lost its effect.

Testing water levels: pH

pool water pH

Next, pH tests the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. More often or not, an imbalanced pH is the culprit behind murky-looking water or an off-color.

In terms of pools, pH levels should be between 7.2 and 8. You can test your water easily with any pool testing kit.


pool water alkalinity

These tests measure how many alkaline substances are present in the water and it’s directly related to pH levels. When you’re testing your pool’s alkalinity levels, remember that the ideal levels are between 125 and 150 ppm.

Active oxygen

pool water active oxygen

While active oxygen is one of the best pool maintenance products out there, you should also remember that it has an inconvenient downside.

Active oxygen is very volatile, meaning it only lasts a very short time. Consequently, you have to apply it very frequently in order to keep levels at a constant 2 ppm.

What should a pool testing kit include?

pool testing kit

There are all kinds of pool testing kits available. They range from basic to complex models. These kits measure many different variables. We’ve only taken a look at the most basic ones as private pools don’t require in-depth maintenance.

Public or community pools, on the other hand, require other more professional testing kits. The number of people and volume of water is much greater than a private pool, translating into different needs.

But, a simple testing kit that tests the factors we previously explained above is perfect for private pools. As for the price, you have many different options. In any case, prices don’t normally exceed 60 euros, but it’ll depend on the brand and features.

How often should you check your pool water?

pool water time

Pools are wonderful during summertime, but they also require certain obligations. Some are more important than others and need to be done with more regularity as well.

Just as you’d meticulously decorate your pool or look for the right accessoriesyou need to maintain the water as well.

You’ll need to test chlorine and pH levels on a daily basis. If they’re off, you have to apply the products to normalize the levels.

Additionally, cleaning out dried leaves and other possible elements that fall into your pool is important. It barely takes up any time or effort and could prevent a lot of trouble later.

Really give your pool a good clean on a weekly basis. That means cleaning the floors, walls, and filters. By keeping it impeccable, your pool will stay clean all summer long, leaving you to enjoy it worry-free.

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