Murals and Graffiti in Commercial Decor

Murals and graffiti offer plenty of decor possibilities for commercial spaces. They're abstract and liberal, not to mention eye-catching. They are a wonderful form of creative expression.
Murals and Graffiti in Commercial Decor

Last update: 04 February, 2020

Murals and graffiti have become a solid decor option for commercial spaces. And as a trend, they only seem to be growing more and more popular. They’re a great decor choice if you want to connect your space to your walls.

Creating a bold decor for a commercial space submerges costumers into a unique experience. But knowing how to use such decor with a mural with a special theme or purpose in a bar or restaurant is crucial.

The hospitality industry has improved in recent years. Bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and other commercial establishments are all on the rise.

Consequently, competition is fierce and costumers are more demanding. There are a lot of elements to manage in a restaurant. For starters, there’s branding, the menu, and service. Taking care of these details will help your business rise to success.

Decor that speaks for itself

murals graffiti interior

Ensuring quality service and products is essential for any business. But going beyond that, customers are looking for new sensations and experiences. And that’s where interior decor comes into play.

A functional, attractive space with a decor that speaks for itself is an important ingredient for success. Unlike other decor materials and techniques, graffiti can work on any surface area.

You can create a unique identity through decor while transmitting the spirit of your establishment. Thus, creativity plays a crucial role in both design and urban settings. Also, it can give your establishment a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. And graffiti can be the perfect tool.

Examples of murals and graffiti in commercial spaces

Bibo Restaurant, Hong Kong

murals graffiti examples

The interior decor in this popular French restaurant came from the genius of the agency, Substance. The new restaurant, Bibo, is a trendy scene in Hong Kong. Its success mainly stems from the impeccable service and incredible decor.

The walls are covered in works of art and other street art references. They also offer haute French cuisine and a cultured atmosphere with works from Kaws, Kusama, and Koons. All in all, street and culinary art with an Art Deco influence come together to create a true pleasure for the senses.

Koï Restaurant, Aix-en-Provence, France

murals graffiti koi

The next example comes from Vicent Coste Studio Design & Associé. Also, artist Claire Leina tediously painted the incredible murals. From floor to ceiling, the entire restaurant displays Japanese Yakuza tattoo designs.

Every inch of the interiors features traditional Japanese motifs. Also, the beautiful designs cover other elements, such as the dishware. Even the bathrooms showcase red painted details.

“We captured the energy from the street, the rooms evoke the textures of downtown New York City.”

Shawn Sullivan, Rockwell Group.

Vandal, Bowery, New York

murals graffiti new york

Next and last on our list is Vandal, which is all about global street culture. The restaurant celebrates street art, architecture, and food. This incredible space, launched by the Rockwell Group, is located in Bowery, New York and pays homage to all the restaurants in the area.

The two-story restaurant is a sort of labyrinth, with a maze of interconnected rooms. Thus, the result of the layout is an exciting sense of discovery at each step.

Furthermore, the restaurant proves that food stands, stalls, and trucks can work even in closed spaces. Vandal completely captures the energy on the streets.

The decor in every room evokes downtown New York with graffiti and giant murals. Big street artists worked in collaboration to create this unique restaurant.

Wrapping up our post, murals and graffiti are a powerful tool for creating one-of-a-kind commercial space.

Commercial graffiti art or murals make wonderful decor, creating a unique image to flood the entire establishment. They open doors to new decor ideas and close the door to the beaten path.