Five Facades by the Best Spanish Architects

Spanish architects have contributed a lot to the world of design and construction. Therefore, it’s important to recognize them.
Five Facades by the Best Spanish Architects

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Spanish talent is undervalued, and often, foreigners stand out more than locals in projects developed on Spanish soil. So we decided to write an article about facades by the best Spanish architects.

Facades by the best Spanish architects

Believe it or not, Spanish talent has given a lot to the world, including Spanish architects. We’re sure that they can compete with other internationally renowned professionals. Although you may not have heard of them, most are famous in their area. Take a look at these facades by the best Spanish architects. They’re amazing!

1. The Factory by Ricardo Bofill

The Factory.
The Factory /

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best of the facades by Spanish architects. It’s a truly magnificent project! Bofill discovered an abandoned cement factory in 1973 and decided to remodel it without neglecting its essence.

The building consisted of 30 silos, machine rooms, underground galleries, iron pieces, empty spaces, and reinforced concrete. It’s one of the best-known facades in the world of architecture because it’s a perfect combination between the original building (a factory) and modernity (the new home).

2. Bamboo Housing in Carabanchel by Alejandro Zaera-Polo

Bamboo Housing.
Bamboo Housing /

Zaera-Polo is one of the best Spanish architects. He has a great professional career and several awards to his name. One of his main projects is a sustainable housing building made of bamboo. The building is in the Carabanchel district, in Madrid, Spain.

This amazing sight is square and consists of 88 apartments with balconies. Its  facade consists of bamboo blinds that the residents can open or close whenever they wish.

3. Oasis House by Miguel García Quetglas and Andrés García Castiella

Oasis House.
Oasis House /

Miguel and Andrés are two famous Spanish architects who founded the firm MG&AG in 2012. Since then, this father and son team have completed about 50 projects. These are mainly in Ibiza, and other countries such as the Netherlands and Cuba.

Both specialize in a method known as “deconstruction”. In other words, they use the same materials used centuries ago in the area, but do this in a modern way. Therefore, Oasis House is a perfect example of this method, with its straight lines, large windows, and LED lights. And, the white walls and palm trees blend perfectly with the island.

4. Villa Wow (Cristina and David Jiménez from 08023 Architects)

Villa Wow.
Villa Wow /

This Barcelona villa has a lot to offer not only in Catalonia but also nationally and internationally. All the projects by 08023 Architects offer an ecological and efficient touch.

Undoubtedly, one of their most striking works is Villa Wow, which combines modernity with recycling. The result? Harmonious contrast between the old and the new.

This house was built on a large plot of land. Not only is the facade that consists of several windows outstanding, but all the main rooms have different orientations. Therefore, you can enjoy natural light throughout the day!

5. La Floresta House (Cristina Farreny Riera and Rafael García Hernández)

La Floresta house.
La Floresta House /

This is one of the most interesting projects of this duo of Spanish architects who opened the firm FG Arquitectes. The home, and the facade, were difficult to build due to the slope of the ground.

The house was built with different materials. On the facade, you see a wooden gate, two light brown stone walls, a cement garage, a terrace with a glass surface, and large windows that allow light in. A perfect combination of styles!

In summary, Spanish architects have a lot of potential and are already applying their knowledge to different national and international projects. Thus, it’s about time that we all knew a little more about them and appreciated their wonderful projects!

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