Double-Skin Facade System for Smarter Homes

If you have the option to completely reform your house or start from zero, consider a double-skin facade system.
Double-Skin Facade System for Smarter Homes

Last update: 17 January, 2020

Double-skin facade systems are gaining serious popularity for residential buildings. Both architects and home constructors are turning to this system thanks to the multiple advantages that it offers. If you’re not familiar with double-skin facade systems, read everything you should know about them in our post today.

To start our post, we’ll look into what they are. Then, let’s analyze the benefits they offer so that you can make an informed decision for your home exteriors. Last, we’ll tackle the question that we’re sure that’s on your mind – how much do these installations cost?

What are double-skin facade systems?

double skin facade system

Double-skin facade systems are an exterior finish for buildings that have seen rises in popularity in recent years. They use a conventional wall that acts as a base, an anchored insulation layer on the base wall and a final outer layer that covers the former two.

These systems can be built during the original construction of a building. They can also be added on to an already constructed building for more visual appeal.

Advantages of double-skin facade systems

double skin facade benefits

People choose double-skin facade systems for many reasons as they boast various advantages. Below, check out our list that highlights the most important ones:

  • Visual appeal. The most obvious advantage of double-skin facades is the face-lift they can offer buildings. They’re especially recommendable for older constructions that still stand strong but show the signs of time. In these cases, an additional metal base frame and an insulating layer can change a building’s appearance.
  • Insulation. If you’re browsing homes, you should make note of the orientation of your options as well as the materials used in their construction. Quality construction and materials will save you money in the long run as it can lower your heating or cooling bills. But double-skin facades can also act as an additional layer of insulation. The added support better insulates buildings and prevents cold or hot air from getting in or out.
  • Drowns out noise. The next advantage scores extra points for city homes where streets produce non-stop noise. Double-skin facade systems prevent sounds from penetrating windows. If noise still manages to seep through even with the system, try installing shutters as well.
  • Large variety. The best thing about double-skin facades is that they come in such a large variety that it’s impossible to not find one to suit your home. Browse catalogs to explore the different colors, materials, and finishes. You can create simple designs or try something bolder.
double skin facade

The cost

After reading about all of these benefits, you’re probably wondering about the costs. But there’s no simple answer; the price can drastically vary depending on the type of materials you choose.

For example, insulation material could be glass wool, sheep wool or polyurethane. Generally speaking, all three offer great results but their prices vary from five to ten euros per square meter.

It’s the same case for the outer layer. Some options are very economical while others are just the opposite. Therefore your budget will have an important role to play in your decision. In any case, remember that cheap materials mean low quality. But to give you a general idea, prices for the outer mater usually range from twenty to eighty euros per square meter.

In addition to the prices of the materials themselves, you have to add on the labor costs. Double-skin facades imply a three-part process, which translates into long work hours for installers. But of course, the completion time will depend on how large the surface area of your home is.