Trendy Colors for Home Exteriors in 2020

Color trends change every year. Read about the trendiest colors for 2019!
Trendy Colors for Home Exteriors in 2020

Last update: 06 January, 2020

Choosing the colors that will dictate the first impressions of your home isn’t easy. Your home exterior isn’t a simple room that you can paint whenever you need a change. So today, we’re here to help you make a wise choice with these 2020 trendy colors.

Pastel colors

trendy colors pastel

Want to feel like you’re in Notting Hill? Then it’s time to bring in the pastels. In 2020, pastels are a strong trend for home exteriors. They offer warmth, romanticism, and a homey feeling.

Paired with white rooftops, pastel colors will make your home look like a movie set or a storybook. What’s more, you can choose your favorite color in a pastel tone.

White and white combinations

trendy colors white

White, once again, is still riding trends. It brings tranquility, freshness and an organized look for home exteriors. If you use it around your home windows, you can enhance the natural light that enters your home.

But the problem with white is the nearly constant maintenance that it requires to look pristine. And if you think a completely white home exterior will look too simple or lifeless, you can always use it with another color of your choice; white goes with everything. The most popular white combinations are:

If you want something darker, try black

trendy colors black

Black is one of the hottest colors for home exteriors in 2020. However, it’s a risky selection as it really makes homes stand out. If painting your entire home black seems like too much for you, try using it for window and door details instead.

Brown, forever in-style

trendy colors brown

Just like white, brown is another timeless color. Brown home exteriors are elegant and somber. In addition, brown and wood materials are the perfect combination for home exteriors.

Among the brown varietydirt brown, cream or reddish-brown are the most popular colors for home exteriors in 2019.

Try gray for a neutral tone

trendy colors gray

On the topic of trendy, new colors for home exteriors, gray is on the top of our list. Gray matches easily with any surrounding. Or, you can pair it with another color with no problem if you think it looks too plain on its own.

Other aspects to keep in mind for exterior colors

trendy colors other

When you’re choosing your home exterior color, remember to consider these next two important aspects. First, make sure you decide on a home decor style before choosing a color as not all colors will fit.

If you’re building your own home, you have the freedom to choose your preferences. But if that’s not your case, look for a color or colors that match with the home’s style.

Second, remember to take note of the colors of the surrounding homes. Aim to harmonize with your setting.