Guadua Bamboo - A Trendy Material

If you're into natural materials and want to add a gorgeous, trendy material to your home interiors, check out our post to learn how to decorate with guadua.
Guadua Bamboo - A Trendy Material

Last update: 18 September, 2019

Guadua bamboo is highly resistant and durable. This bamboo is trending in construction and home decor. Thanks to its flexibility, easy-manipulation, and high-resistance to weight and weather conditions, guadua bamboo is becoming a top pick for home decor.

Guadua bamboo offers wonderful physical and mechanical possibilities. As a result, it’s a popular choice for both home construction and furniture or decorative accessories. This bamboo is natural, novel and absolutely gorgeous. Like wood, Guadua creates warm spaces for homes.

In our post today, we’ll show you what you can use guadua for in your home interior and exterior.

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Guadua bamboo furniture

You can find all sorts of furniture in guadua for both interiors and exteriors. Some pieces are entirely made of the bamboo while others use a combination of materials.  Examples include tables, chairs, couch frames and plenty more. These furniture pieces are perfect for homes with a tropical or rustic style.

Furniture with guadua bamboo and other materials

A great example of a furniture piece made with a combination of guadua bamboo and other materials is a small coffee table. You can create the structure of the table by connecting several guadua canes together vertically as well as in a circle. Then, place a circular glass tabletop on top of the structure. And voila, you have a beautiful guadua cane table to use in your yard, patio or indoors.

Or, you can create a rectangular table along the same lines if you want a bigger table. Use a glass tabletop that fits the table structure and you’re finished!

Swing for the backyard

Aside from a coffee table, guadua bamboo is also great for patio furniture and accessories thanks to its resistance to adverse weather conditions. A wonderful and very practical idea is a guadua swing for your kids. You can make the seating by connecting the canes together and simply attaching them to a sturdy rope.

Use guadua bamboo together with textiles

Furniture with a guadua bamboo structure paired with white or chalk white cushions creates an enhanced natural decor. If you want, you can paint your guadua furniture as well. However, its natural color and state are truly stunning.

guadua furniture

Interior space dividers

A popular idea for beach homes is using a guadua wall to divide spaces. These walls create a warm, tropical decor. You can use these walls to divide a single space into multiple areas, or you can use them in your welcoming area as well. Pair them with green, leafy plants and create a marvelous composition for your home decor.

Decorative objects

Guadua, or bamboo, have come a long way in home interior and exterior decor. You can find guadua light fixtures, cabinets, mirrors, vases and many other elements made with this material.

Guadua light fixtures

There is an endless variety of guadua light fixtures on the market. In addition, you can make them yourself with a friend or design them and have them made for you. Aside from ceiling light fixtures, you can also use bamboo standing lamps. Guadua bamboo’s shape has a hollow tube so you can make small holes and insert a gentle, warm light. The light filters through the holes and creates a beautiful ambiance for your home decor.

Canes for your bathroom

You can also use guadua bamboo in the same manner as you would more conventional bamboo options for your bathroom decor. You can create space dividers, and place them on the ceiling or on walls to create a warm, beautiful design.

Using guadua in exteriors and interiors will create original and cozy spaces. It’s a novel, natural and of course, eco-friendly material. Remember, to try and use it together with other guadua decorative or functional elements. Guadua will create beautiful decor as well as an original and fresh character for your home.