Decorating the Garage: Ideas to Make the Job Easier

Decorating the garage is one of the hardest tasks that we have to face if we want a garage that's not only functional but aesthetically pleasing, too.
Decorating the Garage: Ideas to Make the Job Easier

Last update: 01 October, 2018

When it comes to home decor, the garage is one of the more overlooked areas.

We often ignore this space because most of us consider it just as a storage area.

In today’s post, we’d like to talk about how to decorate the garage, styles that you could use and ways to maximize on space.

Set aside

Most people use the garage to store cars and anything else that’ll fit.

However, we can also make the most of this area, too, and use it for other activities.

A garage that’s well-organized can become a space to relax, entertainment space or workshop. It all depends on what you want the space to be.

Before we jump into garage decor, you need to understand clearly why you use your garage or what you’d like it to be.

To plan the organization and decoration, you should also think about the bigger elements, such as cars or motorcycles that you normally keep in the garage. These items will determine the space available for decoration.

2 in 1

Can you have a workshop in your garage? The answer is of course.

You can have anything you want in your garage as long as you organize your space well.

Below, we’ll give you some ideas to enjoy a 2 in 1 deal for your garage:

  • Entertainment room. This idea divides the garage into two areas. One area is reserved for the car and the other, for a pool or poker table. You can also add a sofa, television or projector to watch movies.

Don’t forget a small fridge to store beverages for your guests.

  • Workshop. This is a great idea if you’re crafty and enjoy projects. The main thing that you’ll need is a strong work desk that fits appropriately in the given space.
Garage Work Desk Space

Keep in mind that you’ll need to save some space to store tools and materials.

  • Extra living room. If you like having company over, you’ll love this idea.

Create a cozy, more intimate space in your garage for your most special guests.

A comfortable sofa, or poofs, are key pieces for this project. You can also use rocking chairs or hang a hammock from the ceiling.

A side cart will work perfectly for presenting some drinks or snacks to share.

You’ll have to use a measure of caution with this sort of idea, keeping the space, illumination and ventilation in mind.

  • Gym. We have less and less time to go to the gym, so why not have one at home?

The garage is the perfect place for your own weight room or yoga or pilates studio.

This project will call for a bigger or smaller investment depending on the equipment that you choose in addition to the kind of mirrors you want to buy.

Garage gym

Garage styles

Once we understand the possibilities that our garage has in store, as well as the extra use we can get from it, it’s time to think about the style that we want to use for our garage decor.

Most of the time, garages are dark spaces, using scarce lighting and somber colors.

If we want to remodel this area of our home, we need to think about wall color. You can use lighter colors to add light and visual space to your garage.

Make sure to look for resilient paints that are easy to clean because we all know that garage walls get dirty easily.

The most common styles for garages are:

  • Modern – this style uses minimalist elements. Simple, straight lines and geometric shapes. As for the color palette, monochromatic combinations are choice.
  • Personalized – in this style, imagination and creativity know no limits. Personalized garages are thematic and completely up to the designer.

For example, there are people who’ve personalized their garage by using a Formula 1 theme.

This kind of garage style implies a bigger investment because it calls for a complete transformation from the garage floor to its ceiling. However, the results are incredible.

  • Classic – classic garages are your typical-US-movie garage. Spacious, a lot of wood and cozy. It’s a space that has many uses, not just storing the car.
Garage classic style

Among classic garages, we can find industrial and rustic-style garages. The classic style, including all of its varieties, is perfect for creating that extra living room space.


For a different, super-functional garage, we need to first recognize that the garage isn’t just a storage place but a place for projects, receiving guests or relaxing as well.

If we open our mind to the idea, the possibilities for our garage will also open up.

Decorating the garage shouldn’t be secondary project. We should be thinking about this space, even if it’s just to have a place for our car.

Remember the details, such as storage areas, color and lighting (you could even use a neon sign). Thinking about these things will make your garage unique, full of personality and style.

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