A Treehouse for your Kids: 7 Ways to Decorate

Building a treehouse for your kids? Or are you already done but need to decorate it? Read up on our ideas.
A Treehouse for your Kids: 7 Ways to Decorate

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Treehouses: every child’s ultimate dream. Having a treehouse in your yard is a great idea for your kids. It could be a place to play after school, spend hot summer days, celebrate birthdays or hang out with friends.

A treehouse could be a chance for your children to start developing a little independence: they can get used to being away from home and feel comfortable without being too far away from you. A treehouse can give them their own, unique and very personal space. Similar to a bedroom, it could store belongings and toys.

In today’s post, we have decor ideas for treehouses.

First: cleanliness and safety

First and foremost, make sure that the treehouse is in good condition. If it’s wooden, try to always keep it clean, and free of dust and splinters. If not, your children might hurt themselves.

Additionally, if the treehouse is high up, you should install railings, balconies and safety nets. Make sure to help very small children go up and down as well. Always be on guard. Kids play freely and sometimes don’t measure distances correctly.

treehouse 1

7 ideas for decorating a treehouse

Use your children’s favorite pictures and colors

If your kids love a certain character or color, this is your chance to create a truly personal space for them. Add plenty of color to their treehouse.

Add pillows, rugs, and blankets

Some treehouses have a mezzanine floor where you could fit in a small bed. If not, make a cozy corner with big, fun pillows, a soft rug, and some blankets. These elements will create an area to calm down, play or read storybooks together.

Table and stools

If your child enjoys sharing time and space with friends, setting up a small table and stools could be a great idea. They could paint and draw, do homework, play or share a snack with friends. Try finding a cute, colorful tablecloth to put on the table.

Another cute idea is using tree stumps as stools. Try adding colorful cushions as well.

Storage for dolls and toys

Your children’s toys and stuffed animals should be in their treehouse. They’re important personal belongings and companions. Make a toy corner with their favorite toys.

Let your children decorate their treehouse with their own things. Don’t forget that it’s their little home.

treehouse 2

Add a chalkboard to draw on

Chalkboards are always a good idea. Your kids could draw, go over homework and create art with their friends. Hang it on one of the walls and add some pieces of chalk and an eraser. Watch their imagination take over.

Hang up decorative garlands

You can make garlands yourself. Make yarn pompoms and attach them to a strong piece of string. Or, fold some origami animals. If your children love animals, you could make origami birds and butterflies, hanging them from the ceiling of the treehouse. Remember to use plenty of colors. Your children will love it.

Put away toys in drawers and containers

If space is tight, try using fruit crates. Paint and decorate them in a fun, colorful way. Stack them vertically and use them to hold your children’s toys.

If you have a drawer cabinet that you don’t use anymore, restore it. Swap the old handles for animal or fun ones.

A treehouse should be an intimate space for relaxing and play. Join your kids from time to time but give them their own space to feel comfortable and free. They’ll thank you for it when they’re older. This is a unique childhood experience that they can enjoy by themselves or with friends.

Ask your kids before you add any kind of decor. Their opinion should count and, if they want, they can help with the decor.

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