5 types of Wall Cladding That Are in Fashion

If we want to complete the decoration of the house, we have a wide number of pavements at our fingertips. With them we can enrich the design and aesthetics of the whole.
5 types of Wall Cladding That Are in Fashion

Last update: 17 April, 2021

The home must be properly clad inside and out. The ideal is to use the best materials to give a guarantee of quality. Therefore, let’s look at 5 types of wall cladding that are in fashion.

Instead of using traditional methods or leaving the walls only painted, you have other options that can offer a different and much more sophisticated image. For this reason, you should know what’s currently in demand.

Decoration isn’t only limited to choosing objects for shelves or arranging furniture to define a style. In reality, the purpose is to enhance the interiors, in such a way that they are an identifying symbol of your personality.

1. Ceramic – a unique material

Decoration of a luxurious bathroom

We tend to differentiate floors and walls through different materials or with a variety of colors; however, they are interconnected and have unique parallelism, so they can be similar.

Ceramic is the common flooring material. It’s common to find it in the bathroom but why not also put it in rooms such as the living room or bedroom? You may feel it’s out of place, but everything can be designed so it looks good.

A very important factor is the revitalization of interior aesthetics. In other words, applying a visual concept that is original simply by using something as basic and elemental as ceramic.

Ceramic is an interesting product to beautify the whole set.

2. Wall cladding – the use of stone

Stone is one of the fundamental resources for interiors. With stone, it’s a matter of being very clear about what style you want to pursue and how it’s going to be presented. Let’s look at some examples:

  • For rustic and rural environments, you have the option of walls with irregular stone masonry. You’ll achieve a certain informality and naturalism as if you were in a country house.
  • Another idea is natural stone cut into thin horizontal bricks. They are arranged one on top of the other in different shades, which gives a sensation of liveliness and energy.
  • On the other hand, you can use slate, a type of cladding that is gaining more and more prominence in interiors. It can be laid in small irregular pieces or, with a large wide slab that covers a considerable surface.

3. Printed concrete is in fashion

If you’re looking for something more innovative and colorful, you can turn to stamped concrete. This solution is simple and interesting to beautify rooms.

The concrete is laid on a large surface and, from there, with molds, irregular shapes are drawn that simulate stones. It is intended to show a natural appearance as if it were a large construction wall. Also, there are different colors.

A very interesting type of decoration to change the aesthetics of the home.

4. Vinyl wallcovering

5 types of wall flooring that are in fashion
Image: amazon.es

When thinking about wall tiles, you could consider vinyls. Indeed, they’re not made of a consistent or firm material, but they can simulate stone.

You’ll find countless types to choose from. So, instead of using the typical coverings, why not look for an alternative?

5. Wall cladding – rustic stoneware tiles

In this review of the wall tiles that are in fashion, it’s rustic tiles that are gaining popularity. They can be used in different styles and, also, they have a place in many rooms, from the living room to the bathroom.

The texture is rough and the appearance is natural as if they fresh from the countryside. This is a way of animating spaces They’re a unique and good choice to enrich the decoration of the home.

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