Rugged Ceramic for Rustic-Style Floors

If you want to give a rustic-style to your house, rugged ceramic is perfect to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere.
Rugged Ceramic for Rustic-Style Floors

Last update: 21 January, 2021

If you want to give a rustic-style to your house, rugged ceramic is perfect to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere.

You can create a rustic vibe using resources like furniture, colors, shapes, objects, etc. Today, we want to show you a different option – rugged ceramic for rustic-style floors.

There are different ideas for interior design – sophistication, elegance, delicacy, and comfort. You can achieve these only if you use the proper elements to obtain a specific aesthetic.

Usually, people tend to focus on the image and the look of the elements. However, you must consider a very important aspect – texture. With this, you can complete the aesthetic of the floors, the ceiling, or the walls.

Rugged ceramic for rustic-style floors

rugged ceramic for rustic-style floors

Probably, this is the first time you’ve heard about this kind of ceramic. But you can find it in different public and private places such as hotels, country houses, chalets, palaces, etc.

This kind of ceramic is very different from the ones that are normally used. The most common types are smooth, polished, and flat, without any kind of irregularity. These are the kind of ceramics that are typically used for the bathroom or the kitchen.

Rugged ceramic, as its name indicates, has a different texture. Each piece is uneven, which offers originality and an elegant vibe to your rooms.

A unique decoration for interior design.

Main characteristics

When it comes to the characteristics of rugged ceramic, you need to think about how to use it. How it looks and its aesthetic are essential. Here are some of the main characteristics of rugged ceramic for rustic-style floors:

  • This kind of ceramic offers comfort. Despite being irregular, these tiles go well with any surface and they’re not uncomfortable when you walk on them.
  • You don’t feel its roughness, this is just part of the aesthetic component. 
  • It has an anti-slip capacity. It’s texture helps, but its material avoids slipping, which prevents home accidents. It doesn’t absorb humidity and it doesn’t allow fungal growth.
  • Rugged ceramic doesn’t have a uniform aesthetic. It has uneven pieces, which are joined as a big puzzle.
  • It offers a natural look, which is perfect for rustic-style houses. In fact, rugged ceramic is a good choice for all kinds of countryside spaces.

Colors and aesthetic expression

rugged ceramic for rustic-style floors

Regarding the color schemes, there’s a wide variety of rugged ceramic for floors. Warm colors are the most common – earth, orange, ochre, brick red, brown, etc. These colors achieve a rustic-style.

Neutral colors are another option – gray, white, beige, etc. These are a safe choice if you don’t want to create an aesthetic tension or conflicting contrasts.

Intense colors like blue, red, green, etc, aren’t suitable, especially, if you want to give a rustic vibe to your spaces.

How to clean rugged ceramic

It’s very simple to clean this kind of surface. Rugged ceramic is a solid and consistent material, so you can use disinfectants like bleach or ammonia. You can also use soap and water. Here what matters is to clean the floor correctly.

You don’t have to overclean since this can damage the color or the surface. You need to keep your house clean, but without taking it too far.

Now you know about all the aesthetic and unique advantages of rugged ceramic. If you’re looking for a rustic-style, this is definitely a good choice for your home.







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