Three Summer Living Room Ideas You'll Love

We're going to suggest three different ways to decorate your living room in the summer style. We're sure you'll love one of them!
Three Summer Living Room Ideas You'll Love

Last update: 09 December, 2020

Today we’re going to show you three summer living room ideas. Furthermore, you’ll see the number of possibilities you’ll have to make each corner of your house a comfortable and welcoming place.

The fabrics of the curtains and upholstery will be the undisputed features of these three living rooms. In addition, t heir colors will have the power to create fresh and summery atmospheres.

Three summer living rooms to choose from

A blue-and-white living room, with raw and earthy colors, or perhaps in pastel? The options are multiple and depend on your taste. So, here are three ideas.

Blue and white – a summery combination

A child playing in a summer living room.

Here’s a bright and casual room. Its predominant colors are blue and white. The colors are light and fun striped fabrics are used.

You can paint the walls in light blue and set two identical sofas that also function as beds, so the living room can become an improvised guest bedroom when necessary.

If you don’t want to invest in new fabrics, just change the look of your winter sofa, covering it during the summer with a custom-made slipcover. You can choose from a wide variety of colors.

We recommend using classic fabric as it’s easy to combine with other prints. For example, with a checkered pattern. Give it a try and we promise you won’t regret it!

Raw and earthy tones – useful all year-round

A beige summer living room.

We suggest mixing different fabrics, textures and prints in your living room. Give it a fresh and spontaneous look to create a place to rest, play with the kids, have coffee with friends…

Use dark-colored furniture for warmth, and why not go for natural colored fabrics (raw, earthy, tan)?

Choose a light color as a base for all fabrics – the starting point of this room is the raw fabric of the sofas. With light colors, you can lighten and refresh the atmosphere, especially if you have dark wood.

If you don’t want prints, combine fabrics of the same tone but with different textures – the cotton of the sofas, the sisal mat, some linen cushions… are ideal to give a natural feel to this room.

Keep in mind that a very simple way to refresh the room with little money is to fill it with cushions of different fabrics or different prints.

Using pastels for summer living rooms

A room with pastel colors.

Do you want to give your living room a pleasant feeling of calm and well-being? Find inspiration in the sea or nature and create an open space where you can spend time resting.

You can use white furniture or paint the items you already have. For example, to enhance that peaceful atmosphere, use pink, soft yellow, or mint green for smaller items.

Opt for transparent fabrics for the curtains, such as organdy, because it allows natural light to come through and also make the room brighter.

Choose a light color. This is because pastel tones dominate the room.

In addition, you could also put up a bamboo roll-up blind. They’re unique and recommended for filtering light, because they allow the sun’s rays to penetrate through the slats, creating a charming atmosphere. Furthermore, a good idea could be to match the cane blinds with the same fabric as the upholstery.

So, what do you think about these three ideas to decorate your summer living room? It’s all up to your personal taste!

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