The Footrest: An Item You Need!

The footrest is a piece that, as a rule, is linked to the sofa, armchair or a particular seat. It's time to make it stand out and participate more in the home decor.
The Footrest: An Item You Need!

Last update: 23 November, 2020

Look at the furniture in your home and you’ll find complimentary pieces that, generally, you might forget about. For example, the footrest, an object that shouldn’t be hidden.

A room usually highlights, above all, items with different shapes and colors. The sofa, a shelf, or a table attracts more attention than those items that, because of their smaller size, are eclipsed.

In this way, you must take account of all the items in your rooms and consider what role they play on an aesthetic level, what they can contribute, and how you can make them more relevant. The idea is to make them stand out.

What’s the footrest for?

A couch with a footrest.

The first thing to consider is the function of the footrest in the home. Normally, people associate it with the sofa, but some don’t have one and some are built-in. For example, when you push the back of some recliners, the footrest emerges from the bottom.

The purpose of this is basically to make the home a more welcoming place. It helps you to rest your body without as much slack as a bed. The idea is to stretch your legs and keep them up, which is a really relaxing position.

This is its contribution on a functional level but, also, it can influence the decor. By being linked to the sofa, a team is formed. It’s eye-catching and becomes a complementary piece.

In spite of being a small piece, it fulfills a very important mission aesthetically.

Four types of footrests

An office chair with a view.

When you buy a seat, armchair, or sofa, there’s usually the option to buy a footrest that matches. If it’s different, it loses its essence and the ability to contribute aesthetically. Let’s look at 4 types that are currently on the market:

  1. At IKEA, they offer a simple, basic, and functional design. By doing so, the company ensures the customer can buy it as a complement to the seat they have in their home. It’s a way to fill in gaps.
  2. Some are shaped like small stools. They’re characterized by a cushioned and comfortable cylinder, with 3 or 4 lower support legs. The simple design stands out for the color and not so much for the shape.
  3. The Ottoman is another popular design. You can find it in a square or circular shape. It’s padded and very soft, with a sophisticated character. Velvet is the most common material, but there are also some made with jute.
  4. Another possibility is that the footrest has four legs and a support surface with a curved design. This way, the feet are more collected and directed towards the center. Also, it stands out more for its appearance when breaking the straight lines of the rest of the furniture.

What’s the buttoned storage chest like?

A wide footrest chest.

When it comes to elegance and sophistication, the footrest that may interest you most is the buttoned chest. You can place this item at the foot of the bed as a seat or simply to store objects.

In this sense, the product has a double function: to support your feet and use as a small chest.

As for the material, you can find them in soft linen, leather, or velvet. In fact, there are those with the appearance of a suitcase, with rivets and closures, which gives it greater distinction compared to the rest of the decor.

Choosing the style of the footrest

A modern yellow chair.

The footrest doesn’t belong to any particular style. You’re in charge of establishing its relationship with the furniture. Harmony must be fundamental for achieving complementarity between decor items.

There are all kinds of designs. Some are more eye-catching and others are simpler. However, it’s you who must choose so it is a feature and helps personalize the sofa.


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