Use Chromatherapy in Your Home to Create Harmony

Chromatherapy is related the sensations caused by colors and you can use it in home decoration.
Use Chromatherapy in Your Home to Create Harmony

Last update: 11 August, 2020

Colors influence your mood and can make your home decor feel more upbeat, cheerful, and relaxed. Therefore, we’re going to tell you all the secrets about how to use chromatherapy in your home.

How to use chromatherapy – the healing power of colors

Use chromatherapy to make your home more relaxing.

Color has always been connected to mood. For example, remember how you feel when you wear your favorite color.

Chromatherapy is an alternative therapy. This style of therapy maintains that colored light or environments with certain colors are useful to help treat diseases or improve health. Practitioners frequently use this therapy to treat stress, anxiety, or depression.

The associations with different colors depend on the cultural and social context to a large extent. However, there are some common associations, such as that the color green immediately evokes nature.

Regardless of this, it’s clear that colors trigger emotions and, if you know how to use them correctly, you can make them work in your favor when it comes to decoration and interior design.

Use chromatherapy in your home

Use chromatherapy to create well-being in your home.

Many people are familiar with the psychology of color, which is something that big brands use on their products to create positive emotions and lead consumers to purchase more.

People often talk about warm colors and cold colors. Depending on how you use these colors, they can cause different reactions. For example, red, yellow, and orange are warm colors and can create cozy spaces or provoke hostile reactions.

Similarly, cold colors, such as blue or green, are associated with calm. However, they can also evoke nostalgia and sadness. So how can you use chromatherapy to your advantage?

This therapy focuses on finding the balance of colors, assessing what tones you’re going to use in which spaces, and in what proportion.

One good way to achieve this balance is through the use of white, which acts as an ideal canvas to play with a wide range of other tones.


A yellow bathroom.
  • White: Along with beige and light gray, this is the perfect color for relaxed settings, such as the bedroom. These tones help you fall asleep and combat stress.
  • Red: This color is stimulating, energizing, and is associated with strength and passion. Therefore, we don’t recommend using too much red in your interior design. It’s better to incorporate this color through textiles since in excess it can be oppressive.
  • Blue: In chromatherapy, this is one of the most common colors for regulating emotions since it’s associated with tranquility, harmony, and peace. This is a perfect color for a child’s room. You can balance the coldness by combining it with warmer tones.
  • Green: This is another essential color for decoration. As we’ve said, this color instinctively relates to nature and causes a feeling of optimism, joy, and purity. Therefore, people commonly use it in hospitals and schools. Also, it can also help concentration. For example, if you have a study at home, this is the perfect color to decorate it.
  • Pink: This is a color that fills any environment with energy. Although people link it to women, it’s becoming more and more popular in art deco homes. Once you paint a wall pink, you’ll see how much extra joy you’ll feel!
  • Yellow: This color is essentially an antidepressant and can stimulate the brain and promote creativity. We highly recommend this color for children’s rooms.

Have you enjoyed our tips on chromatherapy? Put them into practice and watch how your mood changes! We assure you it’s worth it.