Using Gold Wire in Your Home Decoration

Gold wire is another way to decorate your interiors that's original, different and attractive. This way, all the corners will be filled with splendor.
Using Gold Wire in Your Home Decoration

Last update: 16 November, 2020

How the house looks is a factor many people usually take into account when entertaining guests. Everything must be tidy and ready to reflect a certain distinction of elegance. Therefore, today we’re going to learn about using gold wire in your home decoration.

Generally, people associate golden materials with large fancy homes that belong exclusively to a higher social class. We must forget this idea and understand that any item has a place in a room. It’s all a matter of having good taste.

If you want to decorate without overdoing it with glitter and ostentation, you must combine materials, colors, and shapes. This is the best way to turn interiors into spaces that are pleasing to the eye.

Lamps made with gold wire

A golden ceiling lamp.

Gold wire is a malleable material that’s easy to work with. The form you shape will give a surprising result. When it comes to lamps, there are innumerable designs that offer an attractive addition to the ceiling.

The most common are those with a geometric design. From polygons with multiple acute angles to common shapes: cones, hexahedra, dodecahedra, etc. In fact, you can make your own customized designs.

The “shade” is open in these types of lamps, so you’re able to see the lightbulb and, therefore, achieve a more innovative and informal appearance. Also, the golden effect generates a certain additional glow.

These lamps combine the concepts of elegance and originality.

Four important gold wire items

The initials of two people in gold wire.

Gold wire is very flexible. It offers many possibilities and guarantees an attractive and unique appearance. At first glance, it has an unparalleled charm and is incomparable to other materials.

For you to personalize your rooms, you need to find ideas that inspire you. Therefore, let’s focus on these 4 products:

  1. Pitchers and vases don’t just have to be made of ceramic, you can also make them with wire. They won’t have quite the same function as normal, since they can’t contain water. However, they’re simply an aesthetic item that’s shaped in the original form. It’s a great way to decorate tables and shelves.
  2. You can shape this material with your hands and make our own pieces. Shaping the initials of your name and the person you love would be a fabulous detail in the home.
  3. If you want small items that stick out to decorate the room, there are numerous shapes you can make with the gold wire: a boat, a car, an animal, a basket, a bicycle, etc. It’s all a question of having a  little bit of imagination.
  4. You shouldn’t forget gold wire can also cover solid objects. You can put it around a candle, cover an object in the form of a mesh, or as a napkin holder.

An innovative photo frame

A geometric picture frame.

Gold wire in home decor has become a trend. As you’ve seen, it demonstrates originality and, at the same time, it reflects certain sophistication.

Traditionally, photo frames are wooden or solid metal. Of course, the main focus is the picture that’s framed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an eye-catching frame.

You can use the wire to create a frame with a zig-zag line design or simply by covering the material evenly. In this way, the importance of the photograph is enhanced.

The aesthetics of the home acquires another meaning.

Some other gold wire items

A see-through vase.

You can place some small gold wire mesh bowls on your coffee table in the living room. The sparkly look can be useful to decorate during the holidays such as Christmas.

You can also cover lights with gold wire. If you want to have a party and surprise all your guests, the appearance of the gold with the lighting will fill the room with splendor.

In short, it’s all about being creative. This wire is sold in many stores so you can make your own objects. Therefore, it’s time to value the importance of gold wire in your home decor.


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