Mouille Lamps: a Special Touch for your Living Room

As you know well, everything retro eventually comes back into fashion. These lamps evoke memories of France in the last century. Without a doubt, they will add a vintage retro touch to your house. You'll love them!
Mouille Lamps: a Special Touch for your Living Room

Last update: 24 January, 2019

Lamps can give that special extra touch to your home. For instance, t hey add light, warmth, and comfort. Above all, this applies in the colder months of the year, when the days are shorter and you need a bit of extra light. In this post, you can find out a little more about retro style Mouille lamps for the living room.

We couldn’t love them more. And not just because they add to the whole effect of the decor, but also because you can adapt them and achieve a really beautiful room. If you are a fanatic of the retro style, you’ll absolutely love this type of design of Mouille lamps.

The French style world integrated into a lamp

The creator of this type of lamp was Serge Mouille, and is known the world over for his designs. You could say he was the founding father of this style. He was an industrial designer. He found inspiration for many of his designs from silversmith and sculptor Gabriel Lacroix, since he was one of Mouille’s teachers.

Mouille started making small lamps in his own metalworking studio. Subsequently, he moved on to creating floor lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps with shapes inspired by insects. Certainly, t his came to be his trademark design, creating lamps with shapes based on insects. How curious, right? All his designs were above all minimalist, made with straight lines and pronounced angles, created with metal in a subtle black.

Mouille lamps have a great variety of shapes. Starting from designs made for hanging from the ceiling, with two or three arms, and going right through to lamps for the walls. These last ones are somewhat like the shape of a spider. Without a doubt, these lamps will certainly add an original touch to any room.

However, if you had to find something against this type of lamp, it would be their price. This is because they are really too expensive to be able to have as many as you want. Fortunately, you can find some very similar designs for a much more reasonable price.

-Serge Mouille never allowed himself to use any item for free, nothing that would compromise the quality of his work. His sense of elegance was instinctive.-

-Co-director of Éditions Serge Mouille-

Types of designs in Mouille lamps

Lamps hung on the wall

You can normally find this type of lamp in the main bedroom of the house. It would go excellently installed above the bedside table to use as a bedside lamp. It lets you save space since it’s anchored directly to the wall. It’s not as common to see these lamps in the living room; however, this unique idea couldn’t be more appealing.

You could install one of these Mouille wall lamps in the reading area of your living room: for instance close to the sofa, a retro style armchair, or close to the main table. This will add a vintage touch of the prettiest kind.

The only thing you should take into account when using this type of design and position would be to regulate the height. The height should be ideal to allow you to read comfortably (if you want to use it to light up a certain set area) without dazzling or blinding you. We propose that you consider this wall lamp from Icons Corner. It would go really well in the living room or the main bedroom of the house.

Choose Mouille lamps with adjustable arms, so you can focus the light on what you're doing in the moment

Lamps with arms

Lamps with arms have always been attention-grabbing. They add greatly to your comfort since you can move around the arms and place them where you want, depending on the activity of the moment. Likewise, some colors that are very fashionable for this type of lamp at the moment are copper and gilded tones.

Black color

This color is perfect to lend sobriety to a room. As we’ve said above, black was the color principally used by Mouille. It serves to give that minimalist and modern touch that goes so well with certain houses. In the same vein, b lack is the color of the moment in interior decor. Our recommendation is this reasonably priced lamp from Singular Market. For a small price, you can add great elegance to your house.

Floor lamps

What would a living room be without a floor lamp? It would be ideal to have it on the side of a small table or the sofa. It’s recommended that you choose a lamp with different light intensity settings since you most likely won’t always just want the same degree of light.

At the same time, we suggest you also choose a model with at least two flexible arms with light bulbs. This style of Mouille lamps with these features will be a certain success for your living room.

As you’ve seen, this style has come back into fashion to give that industrial or retro style touch to homes. You can’t deny that it adds that subtlety and minimalism to different rooms, making your house into one you might see in magazines.


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