Try These Natural Tips to Eliminate Odors in Your Kitchen

You'll love these quick and easy remedies to clear your kitchen of odors.
Try These Natural Tips to Eliminate Odors in Your Kitchen

Last update: 03 August, 2020

Are you a fan of nice aromas? Do you often go into your kitchen and find unpleasant odors? Read on and we’ll give you some great ideas that will always make your kitchen smell fresh.

Today we’re going to look at some natural tips that’ll help you eliminate odors in your kitchen. This area is one of the most important spaces in the house. We spend a lot of time cooking and making delicious food.

Also, the kitchen is the place in our home where we prepare food. Consequently, it’s where we should take special care with odors. Today, many of our homes have open floor plans. So the kitchen tends to connect directly with the dining room and even the living room.

Because of this, it’s good to be aware of certain tips to eliminate odors in the kitchen. This way you can avoid having the smells the kitchen inundate the rest of the house with odors.

Eliminate odors in the kitchen with potatoes

Potatoes in a bowl

Many foods absorb the odors of other foods. Potatoes are an amazing natural resource for this purpose. You just need to put them in a corner of your kitchen in a small open container that is half full. Then salt them well.

Stave off odors with a cutting board

Cutting board to eliminate odors

Many of the odors from the kitchen come from the utensils that we use to cook. Especially important are the ones that are out in the open, such as wooden cutting boards.

Juices from meat and vegetables penetrate the wood, which makes it difficult to get rid of the odors. The most effective trick is to soak them in water with a drop of bleach overnight. This method will keep your wooden boards completely free of dirt and odors.

Cinnamon for a natural environment and to eliminate odors

Cinnamon sticks to eliminate odors

There are other ingredients in the kitchen that cover up or dissipate odors. Cinnamon is one of our favorites due to its many properties. Above all, it evokes a warm and cozy home.

If you want to make a radical change in your kitchen’s aroma fast, you can boil water and put cinnamon sticks in it for five minutes. Then you allow the mixture to sit for several hours uncovered. Cinnamon is one of the most potent aromas that we have in our pantry and this is a  practical use for it.

Ground coffee will eliminate odors

Gound coffee to eliminate odors

Coffee is another important way to eliminate odors. Not only does it stimulate our bodies, but it also has a potent aroma. Also, it alters the mood of the house, especially the kitchen. 

Few things are as pleasant to the senses as freshly brewed coffee in the mornings. This aroma can eliminate odors in the kitchen, even those that are persistent.

All you need to do is to fill a cup with the leftover grounds of the morning coffee and allow them to sit on the countertop of your kitchen. You’ll see how the unpleasant odors disappear completely.

There’s another trick that we love and it’s perfect to eliminate odors from your hands after handling fish or garlic. All you do is rub your hands with coffee grounds since they will completely neutralize the unpleasant odors.

Vinegar or lemon to eliminate odor?

Lemons cut in half on a counter

These are two popular classics with the same principals and properties. We like using lemons the most.

In addition to being a great cleaner and whitener, lemon is also a great neutralizer of odors in the kitchen. Even a small piece of lemon in the refrigerator is effective.

The fastest trick is to boil a little bit of lemon juice and vinegar for 15 minutes to get rid of any unpleasant odor that has invaded your kitchen.

Another idea is to use the peel of any citrus fruit. If you are careful not to throw out the citrus peels after you squeeze out the juice and you have an instant supply of odor eliminator.

This peel is ideal to boil in water slowly, and any odors will be destroyed.l

A real hero – bicarbonate of soda

Bicarbonate or soda in a jar

This is one of the major ways to combat odors and you can use it in any room in the house. Its uses go from deodorizing the sofa upholstery to eliminating odors in the kitchen.

You don’t even need to heat the bicarbonate of soda. As a rule, all that you need to do is to fill a bowl with it and set it out on the counter and it’ll work its magic on its own.

All of these ecological ideas to eliminate odors in the kitchen also do the same in the refrigerator. As you can see, there’s no excuse. You have many remedies at hand to make your kitchen smell heavenly no matter what you’ve cooked

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