Happiness is Now Called PYT and You Can Have This in Your Home

You'll love decorating your home in the pty way.
Happiness is Now Called PYT and You Can Have This in Your Home

Last update: 28 July, 2020

A pyt house in a peaceful house, where warmth and wellbeing are more important than anything else. Let’s talk about this new trend.

The Danish style is a favorite when we talk about interior design. From years ago, their warm environments full of light and cozy textures have been popular. If you’re in love with the hygge philosophy, get ready to open the doors of your home to PYT.  To explain, this is a philosophy that encourages peace and beautiful things. 

What is the pyt philosophy?

Brightly decorated room in the PYT trend

A while ago, Denmark was dubbed the happiest country in the world. Because of that, all eyes were on it to discover the key to happiness. Among all the things that the Scandinavians have, one is called hygge. This term refers to wellbeing, coziness, comfort, relaxation, and freedom. 

This idea creates small things that achieve wellbeing. Today, we’re reinventing the term to come up with a new word – pyt.

This is about functionality. However, let’s not forget about aesthetics to create homes that are free of stress. This makes the home a place where we can forget our worries daily.

This new idea has been a great success, so much so that the term pyt has been chosen as the favorite word of Denmark according to the Library Association of Denmark.

This new trend tries to diminish domestic situations that provoke anger, or sadness. Pyt brings happiness to overcome the little daily annoyances.

How do I make my house warm and cozy?

Pyt style living room with gray and white furnishings

Look for everything that makes you feel peaceful, happy, and is your own personal brand. Remember that this isn’t about being obsessed with aesthetics, but with creating harmony with all that is a part of your house.

The best thing is to prioritize your tastes and have each area of the house reflect who you and your family are. Also, we recommend that the decor is one hundred percent friendly and informal. With these tips, you’ll be able to decorate your house in the purest pyt style. Are you ready?

An open house – this is about having a lively house to hold family parties or afternoons with friends and lovely evenings with wine and cheese. Although sometimes we feel too lazy to open our house, we can lose out on great times if we don’t do this. You don’t have to do all the work yourself – ask each person to bring a dish, set up a buffet, and then everyone can help clean up.

Additional tips

Pay attention to the ambiance – l ighting is the key to creating a cozy environment. And you’ll get it right if you have nice music in the background. Remember to light some candles, have fresh flowers, and take care of the details. Also, take note of how you feel about each of the elements you have around you.

 Avoid stress – make your home a special place where there’s no arguing. When you come home from an arduous day of work, what you don’t need is more tension and more rushing around. Does it do you good to watch the news? You should seek out social connections that are personal and friendly. Therefore, we suggest that you prepare dinner with your partner while you talk about your plans and you enjoy cooking healthy food.

Say “yes” to antiques – the Danes have great respect for their ancestors. So if you want to include antiques, you’ll need to leave some room for them. Why not include photos of your ancestors?

Comfort above all – to make your house is completely pyt, comfort should be first on your list. So cuddle up in bed on a Sunday with a cup of tea and read a book or watch a movie. It’s the perfect plan for the well being that fills your home.

If you want your home to be filled with the good energy of pyt, make it a pleasant and comfortable place free of stress. Doesn’t pyt sound irresistible?