Create The Living Room Of Your Dreams In 10 Simple Steps

Pay attention to the key features, and you can create the living room you've always dreamed of. Give it a try - it's actually a lot easier than you might think!
Create The Living Room Of Your Dreams In 10 Simple Steps

Last update: 20 August, 2020

The living room is one of the spaces in our homes that we spend most time in. The key to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is to find the right style, finding a look that’s both comfortable and practical. If you want to achieve the living room of your dreams, there are a lot of aspects you’re going to need to take into account. From the textiles you choose for your upholstery, to the curtains, couch and other furnishings. Every detail matters.

The living room of your dreams is within your grasp

Living room decor.

1. Think about proportions

Regardless of the size of your living room, it’s important to make sure that all the furniture and decorative objects are in harmony with one another, and in proportion with the size of the room. If you have a large, spacious living room, you have the luxury of choosing more robust pieces of furniture. However, if you’re a little short on space, we would recommend choosing more elegant pieces with light colors.

2. Creating the living room of your dreams – the windows

While it will largely depend on the decorative style of your home, how you decorate your windows can play a huge role the overall look of your living room.

Blinds are a great option if you’re looking for a brighter, more modern feel, while curtains can be used to give your space a greater sense of character. There are so many wonderful fabrics out there that you can use to enhance your decor, while also using them to insulate your home.

3. Use your couch as a focal point

Gray velvet couch.

The first thing you see when you walk into any living room is usually the couch. It’s a place where we spend many a long hour with family and friends, watching TV and chatting until late into the night. So, if you want to achieve the living room of your dreams, choosing the right couch is essential.

When it comes to couches, this season is all about curved lines and round, sinuous shapes, with velvet taking center stage as the star material. Needless to say, if you decide you want your couch to be a real statement piece, the rest of your furniture should feature simple lines and neutral colors.

Once again, it’s important to pay attention to the proportions, and choose a color palette that works in harmony with the size of your living room.

4. Creating the living room of your dreams

Any armchair worth its salt needs a great set of matching cushions. The right cushions will give your living room a warm, elegant and inviting feel. It’s important to think carefully about the colors in your living room as whole, using the same three or four colors in your existing palette for your cushions. You can then use a mixture of plain and patterned cushion covers to create the perfect look.

5. The coffee table – the ideal companion

While the couch is undoubtedly the star of every living room, the coffee table is just as important. The success of your living room decor will depend on how well your table and sofa complement one another. As well as being in harmony with the rest of your decor, there’s one essential quality every coffee table must have: functionality.

Coffee tables provide us with the perfect place to display all our favorite decorative objects. However, they should also help make sure that your living room is both comfy and practical, allowing you to keep anything you need close to hand, whether it be a favorite book, a cup of tea, or snacks for you and your guests.

One final piece of advice – if you need to create extra space in your living room, try adding side tables. You’ll be able to move them out of the way whenever you want, and use them to decorate those forgotten corners of your room.

6. Creating the living room of your dreams – personal touches

Creating the living room of your dreams with vintage industrial furniture.

If you want to give your dream living room a more personal touch, choose pieces of furniture with a real sense of character. Full of history and bags of decorating potential. Vintage industrial furniture is a favorite among interior designers at the moment. If you’re a fan of urban style decor, you could even have furniture custom-made so that it meets all your storage and decorating needs.

7. The importance of lighting

Indirect lighting is making waves in the world of interior decor. The best interior designers always try to incorporate several different light sources, ranging from ceiling lamps, to wall and table lamps. Recessed bulbs are now a thing of the past, generally considered too intense, too direct, and too cold.

You can create a warmer environment by combining different light sources, and making sure to adjust the intensity of the light. With the right lighting, you’ll soon see just how welcoming your living room can be.

8. Creating the living room of your dreams – rugs

Rugs bring an extra touch of warmth and comfort to any space, and there are so many different options to choose from when it comes to decorating your living room. Remember, we always recommend choosing a rug large enough that all four feet of your couch can rest on it, so be careful to choose the right size.

9. Storage space

Storage space.

Bookshelves can decorate and bring order to your dream living room. We recommend getting one custom-made, so that you can play around with all the different options available. For example, you could have glass cabinets installed, and leave other sections open so that you can store books.

10. Creating the living room of your dreams – natural touches

Green is the color of life, and plants are an essential part of any living room. Not only will they bring joy, oxygen and positive energy to your room, they’re also highly decorative. What more could you possibly want? If you have enough space, you could incorporate a mixture of large leaf and hanging plants, such as ferns. If not, a few small plant pots on your living room table will be more than enough.

And there you have it. All that’s left to do now is start making the most of the living room of your dreams.