Shopping Guide - Kitchen Extractor Hoods

Looking for a good extractor hood at a great price? Take a look at the most popular models on the market.
Shopping Guide - Kitchen Extractor Hoods

Last update: 24 December, 2019

Smells, smoke, and steam can naturally result from cooking. And there’s nothing worse than having a kitchen that doesn’t have ventilation. So consider these extractor hoods for your kitchen.

Extractor hoods are a great solution and will help you clear everything as they can absorb efficiently and provide clean, oxygenated air for your kitchen.

While many modern homes include extractor hoods, older homes might not have them. If that’s your case, it’s important to install one in your kitchen.

Once you try it, you won’t be able to live without one.

Types of extractor hoods – Siemens LC96BHM50

extractor hoods simens

If you’re looking for something efficient with a simple design, the Siemens LC96BHM50 is definitely a model to consider. It seamlessly fits into any kind of decor style. Let’s look at its features:

  • Almost entirely stainless steel with the exception of the aluminum grease filter.
  • Grease usually accumulates on extractor hoods but this model is easy to clean and durable.
  • Fits into any kind of kitchen.
  • LED lights and touch control. The program is easy to use.
  • Quadrilateral shape with a basic hood system and thin horizontal platform that sucks up smoke. This model looks beautiful in kitchens with islands.

Dometic CK 200

extractor hoods dometic

The Dometic CK 200 can be harder to find, especially at stores that only sell bigger and better-known brands. Instead of this, try browsing the internet or a specialized store that carries the brand.

  • Vanguard design that offers a unique appearance. The design is also simple to install on any surface. It’s flat, dark and horizontal. And it doesn’t have a duct.
  • Easy to install.
  • Washable grease and carbon filter, which can be replaced when needed.
  • In addition, the Dometic CK 200 has halogen lights to light up the cooking area.
  • Easy cleaning thanks to its smooth, even surface. Furthermore, its stainless steel material makes it resilient.
  • Powerful and features two speeds making quick and efficient smoke extractions possible.


extractor hoods FDR

The FDR Slider is new and very resilient. While the design might seem similar to many other models, it offers serious power and efficiency that sets it apart from the rest.

  • Intense speed; this model is powerful (240 w) and extracts every trace of smoke from the moment you turn it on. It features two speeds.
  • Carbon filter.
  • It has a retractable design. You can open it outwards to cover a bigger area and ensure full smoke extraction.
  • Easy to clean. The material is very resilient and will not deteriorate over time, even despite everyday use.
  • Direct light always illuminates the cooking area.
  • Simple design with a horizontal, rectangular structure. You can fit it into any decor style perfectly.

Make sure to look for an extractor hood that is powerful and capable of extracting all traces of smells.

TEKA – vertical extractor hood DVU 590

extractor hoods teka

If you’re looking for something high-tech and  fresh in the market, the TEKA DVU 590 is the hood for you. It doesn’t only boast an original system, but a unique appearance as well.

  • Innovative design with a slanted plaque that’s attached to a duct. It offers a very interesting visual option. The model is available in black or white.
  • Three different speeds and plenty of power.
  • LED lights that light up the cooking area.
  • Digital controls that are easy to use.
  • Very quiet.

Any of these extractor hoods are a phenomenal option. We recommend doing your research and comparing models before purchasing. And remember, all of these have a great economical value, too!