The Best Popcorn Machines

Popcorn machines have found their way in many homes. Join us in our post today and learn what's behind their success.
The Best Popcorn Machines

Last update: 31 August, 2019

Popcorn machines are one of the most popular kitchen gadgets around these days. Most models have a nostalgic design that will take you back years and surprise any onlooker. Thus, aside from making popcorn, they also make a great home decor accessory.

These days, so many homes have their own popcorn machine that we have to sift through to find the best models available.

A short history lesson

The first popcorn machines were very large as they were designed for industrial use. While these steam engine wagons were perfect for selling on the go, they were hardly so for home-use.

The most fascinating part about them was how they worked: popcorn sellers simply placed popcorn kernels in an iron cone that they later heated up to make the popcorn.

Until 1907, popcorn machines didn’t use electricity and despite delighting plenty of consumers in parks and public recreation areas, they didn’t reach their peak until they hit movie theaters. Since then, they’ve been delighting viewers.

popcorn machine history

Movie-goers could buy their popcorn cones at an affordable price and enjoy them while watching their movies. After a time, popcorn and movies because a solid tradition that continues today.

The secret behind the popularity of popcorn lies in the low-cost of corn and, of course, advertising popcorn as a snack.

Popcorn machine designs

Today, you can find all kinds of popcorn machines. Some of them are modern and compact while others flaunt a retro style that evokes the olden days. In short, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Many modern models come in a miniature size, which is ideal for setting up in a corner of your kitchen or bringing to a get-together, on vacation, etc. They’re very easy to use and feature a transparent top so that you can see the entire process unfold.

The top 7 popcorn machines

  1. Klarstein Volcano (Vintage popcorn machine) 300 W.
  2. Klarstein RockKorn (Retro popcorn machine) 350 W.
  3. Obergozo PA 5000 (Vintage popcorn machine) 1200 W.
  4. Ariete 2952 (Modern popcorn machine) 1200 W.
  5. Severin 3752 (Modern popcorn machine) 1200 W.
  6. Taurus PopNCorn 698375 (Modern popcorn machine) 1100 W.
  7. Gadgy Popcorn Machine GG0100 (Vintage popcorn machine) 1200 W.

The prices of these machines vary considerably not only depending on the design but on other characteristics as well. Remember, a higher price doesn’t always imply higher quality. To help you make the best choice, we prepared a small guide on the aspects you should consider when browsing.

Shopping guide for the best popcorn machine

popcorn machine shopping guide
  1. Cleaning system. While many models look impressive, cleaning them is another story. Try to look for a model that has an easy clean-up system if you’re planning on making popcorn frequently.
  2. Security system. Many small home appliances turn off automatically after completing its function and heating up as well in order to prevent accidents.
  3. Cord length. The length of the cord is an important detail to consider as longer lengths can offer more flexibility and convenience.
  4. Weight. While most models don’t use materials that weight too much, you should still check before buying. How heavy your machine is can affect how you move and arrange it in your kitchen or another place.
  5. Accessories. Some models feature additional pieces while others sell them separately. On a further note, some are so compact that they don’t even include a measuring cup, stirring rod, or other simple items.
  6. Power and cooking system. With or without oil? Some models don’t require anything outside of its own hot-air system to make popcorn while others need a little oil or butter. As for the power, the higher power a machine has the more popcorn it can prepare in a shorter amount of time. A 900 W popcorn machine can pop enough popcorn for 4 portions in one cycle.
  7. Amount of popcorn. Compact models prepare a smaller portion of popcorn, perhaps for one, while bigger models can pop for families.

It’s up to you!

Popcorn is popular because it’s a delicious snack. If you love movies or simply love popcorn, having your own popcorn machine at home will come in handy. Take the time to browse available models before making your final choice!