Lighting That Every Kitchen Needs

A poorly-lit kitchen will never be comfortable nor useful. To save your home from having one, we want to explain the kind of lighting that every kitchen needs.
Lighting That Every Kitchen Needs

Last update: 13 June, 2019

Every room needs a different kind of lighting to cover certain needs. Today, we’re going to focus on the kitchen and explore the necessary lighting.

Remember that artificial lighting isn’t everything. You also have to maximize natural lighting. Make the most of natural light by positioning your furniture to receive the light coming in through the windows.

By making the most of natural light, you can cut down your electricity bills and enjoy all the benefits that it has to offer.

Why a well-lit kitchen is so important

kitchen needs lighting why

As we mentioned earlier, every room in your home requires a different kind of lighting. Your kitchen needs strong, evenly-distributed light. Without it, you won’t see clearly and won’t be able to complete your everyday activities in an efficient and safe manner.

Consequently, we don’t recommend warm, dim lighting. This kind of lighting is more suitable for living rooms, bedrooms or hallways. As for your other rooms, listen to your personal preferences. However, your kitchen should always have strong, clear lighting.

Now that we know the basics of kitchen lighting, let’s dig deeper into lighting elements that every kitchen needs.

You don’t have to install all of the light options listed below. Simply choose the one that best suits your kitchen.

Not all light fixtures work in the kitchen

kitchen needs lighting no

A kitchen is a place where residue and grime will inevitably accumulate. It’s precisely why kitchen walls are almost always lined with tiles. It’s also why installing light fixtures isn’t the best move.

Over time, a residue can build up in installed fixtures which are tedious to clean. If you’d rather not be cleaning constantly, you should choose a different lighting option.

Below, check out our best recommendations. The variety will surprise you.

Types of lighting: spotlights or line lights

kitchen needs lighting spotlights

Our top recommendations for kitchen lighting are spotlights or line lights. Both options offer strong light that distributes evenly throughout the room. In addition, they’re easy-to-clean and last a long time. When you need to change them, the process is simple. All you have to do is unscrew the bulb and replace them.

Line lights can be exposed or covered; the decision is up to you. If you end up choosing a covered line light, we recommend a transparent or light colored cover. A dark cover will rob light and make it harder to see.

Line lights for cabinets

kitchen needs lighting bar lights

Your counters should be the best-lit space in your kitchen. However, in reality, the opposite is often the case. By standing in front of them, we often block the light and end up cooking in the dark. It’s a huge mistake and can lead to safety issues.

To prevent accidents, try positioning your counters towards your light source. If that’s not an option, consider installing line lights. These are similar to ceiling line lights, but smaller and connect to a small circuit. Install them under your cabinets and enjoy well-lit counters.

Special lighting for kitchen islands

kitchen needs lighting islands

If you have an island, you should be aware that they require special lighting for both practical and aesthetic purposes. By installing a strong light source above your island, you can make it a centerpiece and give it attention.

It’ll also boost the overall lighting of your kitchen. With plenty of light, you will cook and enjoy meals much more comfortably.

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