Colors for a Small Kitchen, Beyond White

Among the color options to paint and renovate your small kitchen, there are light, neutral and bright colors. We'll tell you how to combine them.
Colors for a Small Kitchen, Beyond White

Last update: 20 July, 2021

If you have a small kitchen and you’re thinking of renewing the color scheme, we’ll tell you which colors to consider. Although white is the king color when it comes to small spaces, there’s a palette that goes further and is just as practical. In addition to being consistent with the measurements of your small kitchen, they’ll add a touch of elegance, fun, and renovation.

What are the appropriate colors for a small kitchen?

We’ll go from the least to the most in this selection of appropriate colors for a small kitchen. Choose those that go with your style and according to the general decoration of your kitchen.

If it’s an open space and attached to the living room, make sure there’s a level of uniformity, although you can separate the spaces by means of colors. It’ll depend on what you want to achieve.

Neutral colors

Combine neutral colors.

Neutral colors are subtle and very valid. Among the advantages they have, they don’t overload the space and they aren’t boring either. Combinations between white and beige as a base go very well with more vivid tones such as olive green or deep blue.

Light shades

Light shades never go out of style and they contribute to renovating spaces such as the kitchen without taking a risk. In the case of small kitchens, there are two light tones that maintain the function of white: they provide a feeling of spaciousness. These are:

  • Light blue: in addition to making your small kitchen look more spacious, this provides a feeling of tranquility. To break with this cold color, you can combine it with white wooden furniture.
  • Light green: combined with white to break the monotony, this is a color that makes you feel calm and harmonious. More so, if you have windows that let in natural light.

Black and white

Black and white gives elegance.

Black and white is one color combination that’s here to stay, and kitchens, even if they’re small, aren’t exempt from this. Being the basis of the minimalist style, they make the space look fresh and elegant.

In the case of the small kitchen, it’ll be necessary to balance the colors and give priority to white. Thus avoiding overloading with black, which is perfect for furniture such as drawers, countertops, or accessories.

Vivid colors for a small kitchen

That’s right! Bright colors in a small kitchen really are possible. For example, yellow is a color that you should consider, it gives shine and vibrancy. It goes very well with white and even light gray. Of course, the yellow tone shouldn’t be fluorescent or highly charged because it’s visually tiring, which is quite negative in a small space.

These same tips apply with red, blue, or other more vivid colors. Try not to combine them with darker colors or ones that are too bright. You need to make key combinations with light or neutral colors.

Beyond the color: tricks for a small kitchen

Enjoy vivid colors.

If your kitchen space is something that concerns you, there are other tips you can follow to make it look bigger and clearer without sacrificing color. Some of these are:

  • Natural lighting: this is a surefire key to creating the optical illusion of more space. If you have windows and you can, leave them undressed, if this isn’t possible, use light curtains or blinds.
  • Order: keeping all your kitchen accessories and items in order is very important. This allows you to appreciate the space, making it look bigger.
  • Take advantage of the space in the drawers: order isn’t only on the outside, make good use of the space in the drawers so that when you open them, the disorder doesn’t take over your kitchen.
  • Opt for sliding doors: these are a good option because they don’t take up any space when they’re open. You can use them on the doors for the drawers and the kitchen access door.

To create spaces at home with their own stamp and ones that are really cozy, it’s important to think about the colors that make us feel good. In this case, having a small kitchen shouldn’t be a limitation and you shouldn’t settle for white forever.

Although this is a must-have color, you can combine it very well with neutral, light, and bright colors. Doing so will give your small kitchen a special touch, one that makes you want to spend time in there and enjoy it.