5 Kinds of Kitchen Faucets

Are you looking for new kitchen faucets? Avoid confusion and save time as we give you five styles of faucets and their characteristics.
5 Kinds of Kitchen Faucets

Last update: 06 March, 2022

If you’re thinking about renovating the faucets in your kitchen, we’re sure you’ve found so many different kinds that it’s become difficult to pick one. To make your choice easier, we’ll suggest five kinds of faucets for your kitchen. And, we’ll explain the characteristics of each one. We’re sure that after reading this article it’ll be much easier for you to choose. Or, at least open your options.

When talking about faucets, there’s a wide range for you to choose from. Depending on the style, color, and material, you can have a faucet that goes unnoticed or one that catches your eye. The latter will become the main focus of your kitchen.

Once you’ve picked the type, all that’s left is to pick the material and the color. It could follow the same color scheme as your kitchen. Or, it could be a completely different tone which would make it more attention-grabbing.

1. Classic kitchen faucets

The classic faucet is anchored in the bottom of the upper part of the sink. Normally, metallic ones have a guide that shows where you need to make holes to install them. This kind of faucet isn’t usually very attractive because they’re metallic with simple lines. However, they stand out for their functionality and durability and they never go out of style.

The classic faucet is mobile because it rotates at its base. This is quite practical if you have a sink with two tubs. If you use both sinks at the same time, you can turn the faucet and work comfortably on either side.

You could say that this faucet is the most popular. This is also due to the fact that it’s practical and cheap. So, if you’re looking for a faucet that’s functional, but without an attention-grabbing design, this is the one for you.

 2. Faucet with an extendible hose

Faucets with extendable hoses are some of the most practical types. They appeared on the market a few years ago and, we can say they’re here to stay. They’re more expensive than other types because they have a more complex structure, but the cost is still reasonable.

If you want a double function faucet, this is the one for you. They’re used on kitchen sinks that are 2-in-1. They fulfill the classic function of a faucet, so, they’re very comfortable to use and have certain mobility.

Equally, the end of the faucet where the water comes out extends. It’s as if it were a hose, which is perfect for washing large containers or filling a mop bucket.

3. Wall-mounted kitchen faucets

Wall-mounted faucets are classic. They’ve gone from being the most popular to practically disappearing. These are stationary and as they’re fixed to the wall, they aren’t versatile. You can’t move them from one side to the other because their movement is limited by the wall attachment. 

If you’re going to use it a lot, we don’t recommend this option. In today’s market, there are other kinds available, like the ones we’ve mentioned that may be more convenient.

4. Flexible faucet

Flexible kitchen faucets look a lot like those with an extendable hose. The difference is that they only work as a hose because they’re larger and more flexible. The head of flexible hoses is usually similar to showerheads. This means that the water comes out of a larger surface and has a wider distribution.

5. Touchless kitchen faucets

Touchless faucets are the most recent innovation on the market. They let you turn them on without needing to use a hand to regulate the water flow. These are perfect if you have dirty hands or don’t want to leave spots on the faucet. This happens a lot in the kitchen and means you need to clean your faucet afterward.

Even though there are several kinds, the best ones turn on when you move your wrist near the end of the faucet. The water will turn on automatically when your wrist is near and turn off when you take it away.

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