Tips For Choosing a New Sink

Among the most important tips for choosing your new sink are its size, height, shape, and color. Keep reading to know more.
Tips For Choosing a New Sink

Last update: 20 August, 2021

Whether you want to design a completely new bathroom or if your old washbasin has completed its cycle, when choosing a new sink, you must take into account certain tips. These will allow you to make an effective and lasting purchase. The first thing to do is assess your personal needs.

To easily identify what you want, make a list in which you answer questions such as: what type of washbasin do I want? What material, with what type of faucets, with or without a cupboard? Also, think about what you didn’t like about the sink that you’re going to renovate. This way you’ll rule out options.

Before we talk more about the tips for choosing a new sink, think about your space.

How to choose your sink?

Although it may seem that choosing your sink is an easy task, the reality is different. The market offers so many options that it can overwhelm you. Moving forward, we’re going to give you some tips to guide you and lead you to make a good choice.

Choosing a new sink: identify what you want and need

Choose the style that you like the most.

When it comes to making your purchase, you already know which of the washbasin characteristics you want to keep and which you don’t. Keep this in mind when choosing your new sink.

Also, feel free to look in magazines or on the web for models of sinks that allow you to have a clearer design idea of what you want. Make a list where you’ve identified materials that you like, colors, types of faucets, and extra accessories, among other factors.

Sink size

Size is the most important and relevant aspect when choosing your ideal sink. We advise you to take the measurements of the space you have available before going to the store or buying online.

This way you won’t waste time looking at options that won’t fit in your bathroom, or worse, making a purchase that you have to return.

In these cases, it’s best to go to the store and take the measurements and the list of considerations with you. This means that you can check the model you’ve chosen corresponds to what you want and need.

Choosing a new sink: consider the ideal position

Distribute the spaces well.

You may wonder why it’s important to consider where you place your sink. Although if we talk about a refurb, this is particularly important. Within the changes you make, you can also evaluate the possibility of locating it in another place that’s more favorable.

In that sense, rethink your spaces and choose one that facilitates the transit to the bathroom. Choose a place that allows you to take advantage of the lighting or, even, that makes it easier for you to put on makeup or get ready in the morning.

To calmly observe these possibilities, it’ll be useful to create several diagrams, review them and make the decision based on the place you like the most.

Suitable height

A sink that’s too low is just as uncomfortable as a tall sink. To avoid discomfort in your back or arms, take the opportunity to measure the basin height that fits your height.

Comfort will always depend on a suitable height, so don’t minimize this aspect, give it the importance it deserves.

Choosing a new sink: material

Another of the tips that we have for you to make the right choice when buying a new sink has to do with the material. This influences relevant issues such as durability, daily care, and your budget.

Among the materials that stand out the most in sinks are ceramic and porcelain. These are easy to clean, beautiful, and durable. There are other options that are also valid, such as tempered glass, (elegant and resistant), and an acrylic resin basin that’s resistant to scratches.


Irregular shaped sink.

Yes, the shape is also important! Depending on the space you have available for this element, you must evaluate which shape of sink is best suited. Thank goodness circular sinks are no longer the only option! Today it’s possible to find square, round and even irregular shaped sinks for difficult spaces.

With cabinet or without cabinet?

Your washbasin can be floating, that is, without a cabinet or with a cabinet. Your choice will depend on the use that you’re going to give it. In small bathrooms, it’s useful because you can accommodate cleaning supplies and other items. While in spacious bathrooms, although it’s still an option, you can choose a floating sink and use shelving for extra storage.


Choose the color you like.

We close this list of tips for choosing a new sink with the color. A very relevant aspect, even if it’s the last point we talk about. The simplest option would be to tell you to choose the color you like the most and that’s it! But in addition to that, consider the decorative style of your bathroom.

Evaluate your other bathroom accessories and their colors, to choose a sink that will bring harmony to your bathroom. Either way, don’t overlook giving this item the attention it deserves–your sink will contribute to making you feel good every time you use it.