Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations: What to Invest in and What to Save On

When it comes to renovations in your bathroom and kitchen, the costs involved are usually a priority. There are some fittings and appliances where you can save and others where you should invest and opt for quality. Know what these are.
Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations: What to Invest in and What to Save On

Last update: 06 September, 2021

Once the decision is made to make renovations in the bathroom or kitchen, you have to decide what things to invest in without waste and what to save on without skimping. As we know, making a budget is a real headache. This is why we’ve prepared this guide to support your decisions and to help you make a good investment.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations: what should you invest in?

When it comes to renovations of your bathroom or kitchen, there are some details that require special attention. Under no circumstances is it a good idea to skimp and save, because in the short or medium-term it can generate higher expenses. We’ll tell you what those details are.

Bathroom renovations

Storage solutions for small bathrooms

The following are bathroom fittings and systems that are usually subject to renovations. These are the items in which it’s convenient to invest in, instead of just obtaining a low price. You have to think about the quality and the benefits that they’ll offer you in the long term.

  • Shower tray: this is a vital element in the bathroom. When buying it, you have to think about the material, (which must be durable), non-slip, and water-resistant. In addition, you have to invest in its correct installation to avoid water leaks and major problems in the future.
  • Partitions: these help us to divide the spaces in the bathroom. To avoid damage due to the humidity in this area, it’s necessary to invest in the material. Partitions with water-repellent plates, for example, are expensive, but durable.
  • Electrical networks: the electrical system is important. If you’re going to make renovations in your bathroom, take the opportunity to swap traditional lights for LEDs, which generate savings. Consider also installing a couple of extra electrical sockets and renew entire networks if they’re very old. For many, it’s an unnecessary expense, but the truth is that doing so can avoid short circuits and greater damage.
  • Plumbing: another of the vital areas that require attention when carrying out refurbs in the bathroom– especially if it’s plumbing that’s already been installed for ten years or more. Before starting work, it’s better to review its status and make decisions.

Kitchen renovations

Above the kitchen.

Now, we’re going to tell you about the aspects in which you shouldn’t skimp on in order to refurbish your kitchen successfully.

  • Paint: the kitchen environment is sometimes humid and sometimes hot, not to mention that the fats and liquids from food preparations are always present. For this reason, it’s advisable to keep an eye on the walls, where the paint should be anti-humidity and repellent to different stains. This will make it easier to maintain cleanliness.
  • Countertop: the most important part of the kitchen. Here we prepare food, place electrical appliances, such as the microwave or the ceramic hob. Therefore, the material is important: you already know that the higher the quality, the higher the price.
  • Appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, microwave, blender… the list is extensive. They should all be of the best possible quality because this will guarantee their lifespan and condition. Also, look at features such as saving water and energy and always choose those that optimize your resources.
  • Networks: both the electricity and water networks are essential. As with the bathroom, it’s necessary to pay attention and avoid damage that affects other elements such as furniture and appliances.

What to save on?

The funniest part comes, knowing those elements in which you can tighten the budget to avoid exaggerated expenses. Keep in mind that, although the idea is to take advantage and save a little money, it’s not wise to buy the cheapest. Make good calculations and buy quality.

In the bathroom

  • Tiles: the trick to save on this aspect is to take advantage of the ceramic and tile offers. Many times in stores there are sales on past collections or a special stock for small apartments. Ask in-store and if it suits your needs, you’ll make a good purchase.
  • Toilet: although this is an important piece and it should be durable, in stores there are different options in terms of price. Even medium-quality toilets can be cheap and of good quality.
  • Faucets: even the most current models are available at very affordable prices, so consider different options and choose the one that best suits your budget and taste.

In the kitchen

Save on kitchen and bathroom floors.
  • Flooring: it’s not essential to invest too much in your flooring. Evaluate different options, prices, and styles, until you find the one that fits your budget. Vinyl flooring is a good and quality option.
  • Furniture: furniture or internal modules have a great advantage and that is that they’re not always visible. This allows you to invest a little more in quality than in appearance, finding a good balance that’ll undoubtedly allow you to save.
  • Paint: today the market offers different products and alternatives for coatings and finishes. Choose the option that best suits your budget and taste.

If you’re thinking of refurbishing your bathroom or kitchen, you now know what you can save on and what to invest in. Based on this guide, build your budget and transform your spaces.


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