Learn to Organize Your Drawers and Let Order Into Your Home

We're going to share some well-kept secrets so that you too can learn to organize your drawers. What are you waiting for?
Learn to Organize Your Drawers and Let Order Into Your Home

Last update: 28 June, 2021

Would you like to learn how to organize the drawers in your home? With these tricks, you’ll say, “Hello” to order and you’ll be able to keep all your belongings in the correct place.

The drawers are usually one of the places to which less attention is paid. Therefore, it’s common for chaos to take hold. Forget about your disaster drawer and join the challenge of a well-organized home for longer. Doesn’t this sound great?

The secret of organizing your drawers

Full drawers.

The same thing happens to most people: they spend their lives tidying their drawers, but, before they know it, they’re a mess again. If you’re one of these people, you need to know these tricks so that calmness reigns.

There are several options that you can put into practice and which ensure that your drawers remain organized so that you can always find what you need.

Invite a dresser into your life

Dressers, in addition to being super decorative, are one of the most functional pieces of furniture you can have in the bedroom. They offer you storage space and if you choose it well, you’ll enjoy a considerable style. Opt for a drawer size that suits what you need to store. This may be clothing, accessories, or bedding.

For smaller bedrooms, the perfect solution is to add a chest of drawers. Choose one that’s narrower and taller.

The magic of dividers: the trick to organizing your drawers

When drawers are very large, you’ll need to divide them. Only in this way, will you ensure that everything remains in its place without creating chaos at the first change. The trick is to compartmentalize the space, so you prevent things from moving.

There are spacers or dividers that fit inside; great for underwear and socks. Also, you can use different-sized dividing boxes, depending on what you want to store. You’ll find them made of cardboard, fabric, and even metal. Take into account the height of the drawer so that they fit well.

Organize your drawers: fold vertically

Marie Kondo has taught us that the best way to fold clothes isn’t what was known until now. The shelves limit the placement of clothes and they always end up messy and wrinkled.

This guru of order introduced the world to the versatility of vertical folding, a simple trick with which you make your clothes visible, easier to access, and, therefore, less dislodged.

Bathroom drawers.

Organize kitchen drawers

Not everything is limited to the order of the bedroom, you must also take into account other spaces, such as the kitchen . In these drawers, you usually store spices, cutlery, pans, and dishes.

In this case, it’s very important to divide the interior in order to optimize it to the maximum. There are special accessories such as cutlery holders with compartments of different sizes, supports to place lids or special items.

Special drawers

Shallow drawers can be perfect for keeping smaller items in order. An example is jewelry. If you equip the drawer with the right accessories, you’ll have everything in place. Never again will you lose your earrings or suffer tangled chains.

Also, you can use felt-lined drawer-size trays to protect your most delicate jewelry. In this way, you’ll also prevent scratching.

The bathroom: organize your drawers

One of the most problematic areas is the bathroom. Gels, creams, cosmetics… there are so many products that any order seems conspicuous by its absence.

For this case, transparent boxes with compartments are most useful. You’ll see that there are models designed to store everything from makeup brushes to tweezers. In addition to saving space, you’ll quickly be able to find what you need and this will make your life easier.

Now that you’ve learned how to organize your drawers, you’ll see that it’s not too difficult to keep order. If you put everything in its place as soon as you use it, you’ll contribute to calm in your home.

Start collecting accessories, compartments, and boxes to meet your needs. Thus, you’ll soon see that it’s easier to achieve the order and organization you crave.

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