Organizing Your Bathroom Once and For All

Is your bathroom always messy with things all over the place? Tidy it up efficiently with these simple tips!
Organizing Your Bathroom Once and For All

Last update: 21 January, 2021

You probably start your day there and end it there, too. It’s where you wash, get ready for the day, and dedicate some to yourself for relaxation and well-being. As a result, it’s important to think about organizing your bathroom since it contributes so much to your daily routine.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a big bathroom or a tiny one. Instead, it’s important how you organize your things and the feeling you create. If you have a feeling of comfort, peace, and harmony, you don’t need anything else!

Tips for organizing your bathroom effectively

Organizing your bathroom can make it easier to access what you need.

Most likely, along with the kitchen, the bathroom is an area of your home that accumulates lots of things. For example, it doesn’t matter if you have open, closed, high, or low furniture or removable drawers. Ultimately, you may have so many small things in different containers that it’s very difficult to organize everything. So the best plan is to do it in parts.

The first step to organizing your bathroom – look at what you have

To organize everything efficiently, the first thing you have to do is empty all your cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Then, throw out anything that’s expired and keep only things you really use.

You don’t have to save all those sample creams that you won’t actually ever need or anything that brings back bad memories. For example, that perfume that an ex gave you that makes you sad. Maybe it’s time to get rid of it.

Create categories

If you want to enjoy your bathroom, the best way is to organize and create a place for everything. One effective way to do this is through using Marie Kondo’s techniques, who suggests sorting things by category. This way you create a space for your makeup, another for hair products, and another for creams, etc.

Clear the sink and shower areas

Organizing your bathroom doesn't have to be time consuming.

Do you have your beauty and hygiene products scattered all over the bathroom? If so, no matter how organized they are, your bathroom is going to feel chaotic.

There is no need to have things in the shower or out on the counter. Remove everything you can, such as your toothbrush cup, shampoo, and conditioner. You can put everything on a shelf so it’s all easy to access and also use boxes or baskets to avoid things looking disorganized. For example, these from Amazon are cute!

Organizing your bathroom wisely

According to the KonMari method, we forget about things we can’t see. Consider for a moment where you’re going to store things, as this will make a difference.

The trick is to keep the products you use more often on hand. That way it’s easier for you to access them and you’ll be able to keep things organized more easily. For example, products you use daily should be at the height of your chest and eyes while things that you only use occasionally can be stored in lower areas.

Also, try to minimize the space that each item occupies. For example, you can do this by rolling towels. This saves space and also looks great if you choose colors that go with the color of your bathroom.

Add your personal touch

Once you’ve managed to organize your bathroom, it’s time to make sure you love it! Similar to the rest of your home, your bathroom should be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

So decorate it with a personal touch. Invest in some nice towels, matching baskets and jars, scented candles, and all the little details that make it feel homey. You can also add plants to give a fresh feeling.

When thinking about how to create a relaxing, organized bathroom, just use common sense! Don’t accumulate to0 much stuff, use accessories that help you organize, and decorate it with beautiful things.

Then, your space will be full of cohesive charm. Organization is essential for decoration and to give you peace of mind!