How to Decorate a Corner For Listening to Music

We have some recommendations that'll be very useful if you're thinking about how to decorate a dedicated corner for listening to music. Do you want to know how to make this space unique and special? Keep reading!
How to Decorate a Corner For Listening to Music

Last update: 30 July, 2021

If you’re an inveterate music lover, we’ll tell you how to decorate your own corner for listening to music comfortably.  This will be a place to relax while listening to your favorite songs. The first thing you should start thinking about is where you want to locate it. Then, start preparing your best CDs or your old vinyl.

Read on so you know how to decorate this dedicated corner for listening to music. Decorate it in a way that matches your tastes and personality. After all, that’s the most important thing … that you identify with this space and enjoy it to the fullest.

How do you decorate a corner for listening to music?

Now, let’s get to work! We’ll tell you about the most important decorative aspects when decorating this corner where you can enjoy your favorite music.

Choose a pleasant place

Choose a pleasant place.

As we’ve said, the first thing you should take into account is the place where you’re going to locate your music corner. Among the options you have are the living room, your bedroom, the terrace, and even your garden. Of course, if you have an extra room, you can transform that corner into your own study to listen to and make music.

This place must have certain characteristics, among them the possibility of concentrating on your music and not disturbing anyone else. So, identify a pleasant place that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to also choose a place where you can listen to your music at the volume you want.

Music in sight!

The decor of your music corner should include all the representative elements and be in plain sight, so everyone will know that this is your personal musical space. Among those elements, you should find, at least a turntable or a mini system, although if you have both, use them interchangeably with pride.

You’ll also need a specific place in your music corner where your music collection is safe and visible. So, use a cabinet that can also accommodate CDs or vinyl. You already know that the difference in size between vinyl and CDs means you’ll require different storage compartments tailored to each one.

Now, if your collection is too large, choose shelves to store each CD or vinyl. You can use the traditional model of music libraries and order the discs alphabetically, by genre or musical group.

How to decorate a corner for listening to music: install a comfortable chair

Another of the most important aspects when thinking about how to decorate a dedicated corner for listening to music is the chair. Yes, it seems banal, but we promise, it isn’t! While playing your favorite music it’s necessary that you feel comfortable. 

Among the options, you have a single armchair or a double or triple sofa. It depends on how much you like to share your music with friends or family and the space you have. In any case, put a soft and comfortable chair in your music corner.

How to decorate a corner for listening to music: details

Use decorative musical elements.

As we said, your corner should shout that it’s your special place to listen to music! So you have to add some decorative details. Among the options, you have are:

  • Floating shelves: install about three shelves of this type to locate your special vinyl or your limited edition collection for all your visitors to admire.
  • Turn your discs into pictures: that’s right, use some discs and place them on the wall as if they were pictures.
  • Put up some posters: if you’re one of those music lovers who also enjoy collecting posters of concerts or artists, this is the ideal space to show them off.
  • Leave a place for your instruments: guitars, violins, basses, and even drums, if your space is big enough.
  • Display a couple of plants: give a touch of green, freshness, and nature to your corner for listening to music. There are a wide variety of indoor plants that you can choose from.
  • Personalized lighting: among the options you have to illuminate your corner are led lights, tall or hanging lamps, choose the ones that you consider will go best with the atmosphere you want to give your space.
  • An altar for autographs: if you have autographs or photographs with your favorite artists, this corner will be perfect to show them off to your visitors.

Now you know how to decorate a corner to listen to music where you can unleash your passion for music. Among other things, it’s a good option to complement the decor with a comfortable round rug, which will serve to add a feeling of spaciousness and divide the space.