What Pressure Washers Can Do for Your Home

If you want to breeze through housework more efficiently, consider investing in a pressure washer. In our post today, let's go over the benefits they can offer.
What Pressure Washers Can Do for Your Home

Last update: 01 December, 2019

Pressure washers have been around since the 70s but many people still haven’t heard about them and how helpful they can be around the home. In our post today, learn about the benefits of having your own.

Pressure washers are a home cleaning appliance. They use water so are wet-clean appliances.

They’re great for deep cleans and eliminating any trace of dirt, dust, mold or even paint or varnish from all kinds of surfaces (floors, ceilings, walls) and materials. You can also use them for your home exteriors (decks, pools) or cars.

How do pressure washers work?

Pressure washers have a high-pressure pump that generates a current. The current, along with valves and nozzles, make sure the water comes out at high pressure.

These machines can offer a deep clean thanks to that high water pressure (ranging up to 160 bar). Pressure washers connect to a water supply and the water exits the nozzle at high pressure like a powerful stream of water for a deep clean.

pressure washer how

The company Kärcher first invented the pressure washer in 1950 for industrial use. It wasn’t until the 80s when they released models for domestic use.

Benefits of having your own pressure washer

These appliances boast countless benefits. Continue to read about the best ones.

1. Time-saver

Pressure washers are highly efficient and can make it easier for you to keep your home clean and free of pathogens. While it ultimately depends on the power option that you choose, these machines can cut your cleaning time in half. Who wouldn’t benefit from that?

pressure washers time

2. Saves water and pro-environment

If you compare pressure washers with other wet-clean appliances, they actually save water. Thanks to the high pressure and reduced output, you use less water to clean.

On top of that, the pressure guns can be up to 50 times more powerful than other cleaning methods and can save up to 80% of water.

What’s more, you can use recycled or harvested water to clean. For example, you can use rainwater with no problem. By using recycled water, you can save time while reducing your eco-footprint as well.

pressure washer environment

3. Efficiency

Washer pressures are highly efficient. They won’t only save you time and money; thanks to their high-pressure clean, they can offer you results that will surpass any manual effort.

pressure washer efficiency

4. Easy to use

While pressure washers might sound a little intimidating at first, they’re actually very easy to use. You just need to connect them to the power and water to start cleaning.

pressure washer kushiro

5. Blast off even the most stubborn grime

You won’t believe you can do with a pressure washer. You can use it to remove old paint if you want to apply a new color. Or you can use it to clean off your outer walls to make your home look just like new.

These machines work on any surface, thus you can use them for heavy-duty tasks like cleaning the pool or deck. Don’t forget that they can help you breeze through unpleasant tasks like cleaning the trash bin. Some pressure washer models are even suitable for cleaning vehicles.

pressure washers grime

6. Ideal for hypoallergenic homes

Many people suffer from dust or pollen allergies. These little particles build up in hard-to-reach areas and provoke health problems.

But if you have a pressure washer at home, cleaning cracks, tiles, pipes, and other difficult areas is no problem. Nooks and crannies spick and span, you can enjoy a healthier home with fewer pathogens.

pressure washers allergies

Choosing the right model for your home

Now that you’ve read what pressure washers can offer, let’s look at how to choose the best one for your home.

  • Hot or cold water: some models only work with cold water while others work with both hot and cold. Models that give you the option are more versatile and can cut down on cleaning time while maximizing the efficiency of your cleaning products.
  • Pressure: we always recommend looking for the option that offers the highest pressure possible. Strong pressure will give you more use and duration. You can always lower the pressure for more delicate tasks.
  • Water flow: the more flow, the more efficient and faster the clean.
  • Accessories: keep in mind that having a diverse set of accessories for your pressure washer is essential. Take the time to think about which pieces will come more in handy and choose the best models. If you plan on washing a car, choose a model that is apt for vehicles in addition to the home.
pressure washer accessories

So what are you waiting for? We promise that it’ll revolutionize your life and cleaning habits. Save precious time and energy with a pressure washer and spend more time with your family, friends, and hobbies.

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