What Is Slow Deco and How Can it Transform Your Home?

In this article, we'll tell you all about one of the new fashion trends that will benefit your health - slow deco. Peace will flood your home!
What Is Slow Deco and How Can it Transform Your Home?

Last update: 28 January, 2021

As far as interior decoration is concerned, there are always new trends that bring us something new. Some are old formulas brought back to life, and others connect with certain lifestyles, as in the case of slow deco. Slow deco is a trend in interior decoration that promises to give us a calm, harmonious feeling and to help us enjoy the small things in life.

The “slow” trend

Slow deco living room

The frenetic pace of life in the big cities means that we’re learning to appreciate a growing trend – the slow life. This is an approach to life in which we learn to look at everything without rushing. It encourages us to live with patience and enjoy the process and not just the result, focusing on, and realizing, the importance of even the smallest details.

In the same way, we find slow food; quality food to nourish us and fill our palate with flavors. With slow food, we learn to enjoy every step of the preparation process and to savor the taste.

And then we have slow fashion. This is a way of life that concentrates on the materials, the process and conscious purchasing. It also ensures fair prices for the work put in at every stage of the production process.

So, why not slow deco? This trend helps us create environments to enable us to connect with ourselves and make our homes an oasis of peace and happiness.

Keys to slow deco

Open spaces

An open plan kitchen.

One of the benefits of slow deco is to help us enjoy family time and to provide interactive spaces that favor good communication and coexistence throughout the day.

That’s why open kitchens, one of the trends we’ve already featured on Decor Tips, are a big part of slow deco, and we’re going to recommend them to you today. The areas that connect help a great deal when it comes to distributing tasks and living with family and guests; it’s also a trend that’s on the rise. Goodbye doors and corridors, hello open spaces.

Being careful with technology

Technology at home.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to eliminate technology from your home. That would be to go against the current natural evolution in society. However, what we would like to suggest is that you limit its use to certain areas of the house.

If you’re looking to introduce slow deco into your home, then forget about putting the TV, tablet or mobile phone in your bedroom! These devices will severely affect the rest you get, have adverse reactions in your brain, and harm family relationships.

Instead, create a calm atmosphere, full of elements that invite you to rest and that give you pleasure through color, smell, and different materials. Have a look here at the latest trends for dream bedrooms and transform yours into your own personal paradise.

Natural materials

A table and chairs.

We’ve already told you about our obsession with natural materials, but how can we stop? We love them, because, as well as being beautiful, they can help to create slow deco. Cotton, linen, silk, sisal, jute, wicker, wood, even stone… the possibilities are endless. However, be sure to fill your house with materials with soul, materials that connect you with life, and with nature.

Let order reign!

An untidy sofa.

Another thing we have emphasized in recent months is the importance of keeping your house tidy and Marie Kondo’s advice on how to do it.

This helps our peace of mind, makes us more productive, and ensures we don’t get easily stressed. Not to mention how good it feels to see everything in its place.

When you get home and see that everything is where it should be, then you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for. There’ll be no untidy clutter that will interrupt your peace. You’ll be able to concentrate on what matters, and you’ll feel infinitely better as a result.

Slow colors

Without a doubt, certain colors help you to relax. Check out this article on how to combine colors effectively. For slow deco, we suggest you use pastel and neutral colors for large surfaces, such as floors or walls, and then more striking colors for your accessories. We recommend that you use warm tones, such as orange, yellow, along with some shades of green and violet.

By following these tips, you’ll have a house that oozes with calm and harmony. Everyone that lives there will feel more connected. Why not try out slow deco and then let us know how it makes you feel?

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