Vintage-Style Centerpieces: A Return to The Past

In the world of interior design, you have to stand out and try to apply new aesthetic formulas. Vintage-style centerpieces are a great way to achieve this.
Vintage-Style Centerpieces: A Return to The Past

Last update: 17 October, 2021

When we prepare an elegant or formal meal, we try to offer the best finery. It’s important to pay attention to aspects such as the cutlery, the tablecloth, the design of the glasses, and the candles we display. To complement this, let’s return to the past and understand more about vintage-style centerpieces and what they have to offer. 

Table decoration isn’t just limited to the resources available at home, they also play an important role in events and celebrations. If we want to impress our guests, we must take care of the smallest detail.

To achieve originality and distinction, we must use elements that are striking. This isn’t to say that you have to resort to extravagances or eccentric approaches. The purpose is that we achieve a certain degree of finesse with a defined style.

The principle: vintage-style centerpieces

Vintage-style centerpieces, a return to the past

When it comes to applying a vintage principle to your table decoration, you should combine the old with a modern touch. Although this idea is abstract, it’s the objective we must set ourselves. This is the only way to achieve a sophisticated and perfectly cared-for event.

With this, it’s not necessary to pigeonhole aesthetic resources within a classic or outdated approach. In fact, a traditional sense must be established in the object itself–working it in such a way that it becomes an interesting piece for an updated design.

In other words, the idea of recovering an element from the past to give it the importance it deserves. Thus, content based on a taste for decoration itself can be achieved. In fact, it can enjoy a unique role and arouse greater interest.

Types of vintage-style centerpieces

Once we’ve been able to reel off the very essence of an element like this, it’s important to point out that these resources will occupy a remarkable place. Taking into account that they’re located in a centralized place where they won’t go unnoticed. Let’s look at how we can achieve this:

  1. An old box, (which may have been used for another functional application), can acquire a new use. The next step would be to add fresh flowers inside it. If the material of the box is aged or lacks color–even better, as it becomes a more vintage-like item. 
  2. A metal planter helps us to produce very interesting highlights and reflections. It’s a typical element that’s found in an older house and that, on this occasion, acquires another aesthetic category.
  3. A birdcage, (even if it may not seem like it), can make a very unusual vintage-style centerpiece. If we add a floral arrangement to the inside, we obtain a naturalistic, spontaneous, and unique piece.
  4. A ceramic bowl with exterior illustrations is somewhat peculiar. It reminds us of the decor in older houses. For that reason, it’s a good container for candles.
Vintage-style centerpieces, a return to the past

Glass jars and bottles

One way to captivate our guests is through simple resources. We could, for example, use glass jars as pots with a bouquet of dried flowers to produce a more autumnal effect.

Another possibility is using old bottles of anise or those with designs on the outside that remind us of the brands of bygone times.

Any of these formulas can play a role in table decoration. However, we are the ones who must provide the personal touch and follow the etiquette of the occasion.

Vintage-style centerpieces: using bronze

To provide a vintage atmosphere, we have another very interesting option for you to consider: bronze centerpieces. Once used as flower pots or boilermakers, today, they can take on another use.

They’re usually decorated with animal faces and motifs. From the outside, they offer a very sophisticated, sumptuous, and somewhat ostentatious appearance.

It’s all a matter of choosing your vintage-style centerpiece the right way, being a perfectionist, and feeling satisfied with your choice. This is also the best way to achieve significant results in the aesthetics of your home.

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