Using Tree Trunks and Branches to Decorate your Home

It's amazing how much you can achieve by using some recycled trunks and branches. We'll explain how to create a rustic, warm, and natural style in your home and bring nature indoors.
Using Tree Trunks and Branches to Decorate your Home

Last update: 21 April, 2022

Tree trunks and branches are beautiful and natural elements that are easy to find without damaging the environment. Some trees naturally lose their branches as they grow and others are pruned for maintenance.

So let’s make use of them! We’ll share some incredible ideas to help you enjoy nature from the comfort of your own home. Remember, these materials and elements are also associated with tranquility, peace, and serenity.

Ideas for decorating your home with trunks and branches

To decorate your home with trunks and branches all you need is your imagination and some creativity. The possibilities are endless and these elements can be adapted in such a way that they suit your tastes, personality, and your needs. You can decide whether your new decorations remain in their characteristic natural colors or you can use special paints such as varnish to achieve other variations.

As you’ll see, using different colors, sizes and styles is a priority when it comes to having trunks and branches for decorative purposes. Without further ado, here are our amazing ideas!

Using branches to make a coat rack

Create some amazing coat racks with logs and branches.
Create an amazing coat rack with trunks and branches.

If you recently pruned a tree and you have some branches, logs, or trunks leftover, transform them into an elegant coat rack. To make this happen, you’ll need a thick trunk or log with long branches that’ll have the ability to support coats and hats.

You can leave the wood in its natural state or sand it to give it a neater finish. Equally, you can use a varnish to add shine. Varnish is a mirror liquid that, in addition to giving the material a new look and shine, makes it more resistant over time. When your coat rack is ready, put it at the entrance of your home for a cozy and welcoming touch.

Branches planted in pots

If you’re a plant lover, you’ll know that some plants tend to be bushy or grow very tall and will need support. In this case, a few tree branches can be a great option. In addition to fulfilling what you need, they’ll contribute in decorative terms.

Along the same lines, if you have cats or dogs who enjoy digging up your houseplants, grab some branches. Then you can bury the branches in such a way that you create a small protective fence around each plant.

Lamps with colored trunks and branches

If you want to bring more life to a particular space in your home, a lamp made with colored branches and trunks is a good option. This is one of the most striking ideas because it allows you to explore your imagination. You can even make fun stick figures with your materials.

These lamps are ideal for your living room, bedroom, or children’s playroom. For a child’s room, why not involve your little ones in the production process?

Using logs, branches, and tree trunks as decorative tables

Use logs or branches to create decorative tables.
Use logs, trunks, or branches to create decorative tables.

Using large logs or trunks for decorative tables is one of the hallmarks of the rustic style. You can choose a single giant log or assemble a table by joining different logs and branches of different sizes. If you choose this idea, you’ll need tools such as drills or punches to add screws and make sure that your table is solid.

Decorate mirrors or paintings with trunks and branches

Many people think that a plain mirror is bland. If you agree, you can make a unique frame using branches of different sizes.

The idea is easy to execute. Simply join the branches using special wood glue and you’ll see that the framed edges are beautiful and unique. In fact, you can also use this method for paintings, wall sculptures, pictures, and other elements that you need to frame.

Sculptures of trunks and branches

If you’re an artist in the making, don’t wait any longer to bring out your full potential! Gather some branches and trunks of different shapes and sizes and create your own sculpture. Consider making everything from a welcome sign for your home or signs for your child’s bedroom. The possibilities are almost endless!

How will you include tree trunks and branches in your home decor?

We’ve shared some very interesting and creative ideas for reusing tree trunks and branches that are easy to execute and will add personality to your home. If you have access to these items, don’t miss the chance to create something amazing with them.

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