Decorating Your Home with Sculptures

Do you want to use sculptures to decorate your home? This article will tell you about some of the different styles that you can choose from.
Decorating Your Home with Sculptures

Last update: 28 February, 2022

One of the most well-known three-dimensional arts is a sculpture. As a result, this has always had a decorative function in palaces, museums, and commercial areas. So, why not use sculptures to decorate your home?

The goal of this art form is to represent a meaningful concept using a variety of materials.

However, you might have some doubts about where to place or hang sculptures. This includes, wondering about the best part of your home to put it in and how to adapt your home’s decor to complement your sculpture.

In this article, we’ll cover all of this and take a look at a sculpture’s function in the home environment.

Sculpture’s visual function

A sculpture can provide different visual meanings and concepts. Depending on the style, it can create one kind of feeling or another. 

However, it’s not always necessary to decorate with extravagant sculptures. You also shouldn’t choose ones that you don’t like or that cause tension or a bad atmosphere. Really, it should be something that complements your decor and encourages harmony and beauty.

Visually, a sculpture develops the space, adorns the area, and gives a cultural character. Not dissimilar to a gallery or museum. You could say that by using sculptures in your home, your home becomes art. Either way, it’s not good to overload a room with too many sculptures. You need to pick the right ones.

Kinds of sculptures to decorate your home

If you want to decorate with sculptures, the type you choose should depend on the kind of decor and design you have at home. It’s very important to keep the same decorative style.

Here are the most common kinds of sculptures that you can find in homes:

  • Classical: normally these are representations of human figures and busts. They come from the classical style (Greek and Roman) and form the Renaissance. They are usually made out of stone, marble or granite.
  • Contemporary: this style has more thematic and technical freedom. As a result, there isn’t one concrete representation. Rather, it changes and is based on the artist’s intent. They can use various materials.
  • Abstract: reflects complete liberty and its meaning can be difficult to conceive. It creates uncertainty. But, it also creates several, very interesting representative forms.

In each of these, the underlying themes are from different aspects that often include:

  • Humanistic
  • Animalistic
  • Object
  • Abstract (without determinant)
neutral colors

Areas where you can hang or place sculptures

A sculpture fulfills the same role in each area and is best suited to a living room, an entryway, or a bedroom. In each of these places, it can be more or less the main focus. It can also have more or less meaning, but this all depends on the space it’s placed in. Either way, it can have greater decorative guarantees and reinforce your home’s character and personality.

  • The living room: this is probably the area where it’ll complement other decorative elements and furniture. However, it’ll share the focus with the environment it’s in.
  • Bedroom: in this room, it’s used to reinforce personality. In other words, it shows the occupant’s personality and the sculpture’s theme shows their passions and likes.
  • Passageway: as a transition area, this space can have a certain art gallery characteristic. In fact, you can even use a light to illuminate the sculpture.
  • Entryway: the sculpture on display here serves as a decorative hors d’oeuvre for the rest of the rooms.
  • Dining room: used to reinforce and embellish this room. Besides eating and entertaining, this room can also be used as a quiet place to enjoy and contemplate the sculpture.

Incidentally, it isn’t a good idea to have more than two sculptures in one room, otherwise, you risk overloading the space. Also, it’s best if you use them sparingly and don’t have one in every room.

Sculptures give feeling

As your guests enter your home, they’ll immediately understand that the person who lives there has a great taste in art. It doesn’t matter what kind of sculpture you have, what matters is how it makes you feel.

In reality, a sculpture is a piece of art that brings a lot in visual terms, to your home. It also goes well with other decorative elements. The character of a sculpture also demonstrates the owner’s refined approach.