Minimalist Style Center Tables: Formal Refinement

A minimalist center table conveys different sensations including refinement, transparency, and light. Learn how to reduce your furniture to maximum simplicity with our tips on minimalist style center tables.
Minimalist Style Center Tables: Formal Refinement

Last update: 07 January, 2022

Home decor must be defined through resources that offer aesthetic relevance. For this reason, we’re going to learn about minimalist style center tables, their role in formal refinement and reduction of the means of expression.

The trend from the last two decades has focused, fundamentally, on the composition of much simpler and more functional designs. We can eliminate the idea of reloading furniture with ornaments. Beneath the surface, a new field of interest has opened up that’s truly attractive.

When we speak of artistic innovation and evolution, we’re referring precisely to other approaches loaded with simplicity. It’s not necessary to clutter your interiors with ornaments, just having what you really need is enough.

Characteristics of minimalism

Minimalist style center tables

A principle that’s intrinsic in this style is the lack of clutter. The decor also comes down to a basic design concept. In other words, both decor and accessories follow a synthetic format where geometry plays a very important role.

Harmony and balance are clearly present. Moreover, at all times there’s a relationship between each of the elements that make up the space. By doing this, you’ll achieve a single goal: reducing structures to their most basic forms.

You can achieve minimalism by assuming that austerity and sobriety take center stage. The character of each line is meticulous and accurate. It could be considered as the antithesis of the Baroque and other more classical precepts.

Three types of minimalist style center tables

Minimalist style center tables

Decor stores usually have an entire section related to this style. The variety of center tables is very wide and they guarantee all kinds of possibilities to match your space. Let’s see the three best-selling typologies on the market:

  1. The most common format is the one that is made up of right angles and with perfectly delimited ends. The legs are fixed precisely in the corners, reflecting simplicity in its purest form. They can be both rectangular and square.
  2. Another very interesting case is those with legs that start from the center, in an oblique arrangement. They support the tabletop in such a way that it’s cantilevered and, therefore, offers spatiality in the lower part. They’re available in rectangular or circular designs.
  3. One of the most recurrent cases is the one that combines straight lines with curves, through the legs and the tabletop. In this way, there’s a greater dynamism that represents order, balance, and functionality, but with a slight aesthetic contribution that’s somewhat unique.

The use of glass in minimalist style center tables

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Glass enriches interiors through a more elegant and refined sense. Its combination with other materials, such as metal or wood produces a pleasant contrast, based on the concepts of opacity and sharpness.

Center tables that are located just in front of the sofa enjoy great prominence. Moreover, glass won’t clash with any color scheme, although, the support might. So you need to know how to correctly choose shades.

The circular or oval typologies show greater finesse and contrast with the straight lines of a sofa. In the event that you want to enhance horizontal lines, it’s advisable to use straighter formats that generate serenity and stability.

Why choose minimalist-style center tables?

Minimalist style center tables

Minimalism is an artistic trend that, after all, can be related to other decorative styles. Normally, we feel a certain pleasure in visualizing their formal characteristics, perceiving a certain sensation of temperance and delicacy.

If you decide to choose this type of furniture, then you’ll undoubtedly be successful in the look you want to create. It’s not extravagant and is configured as a link between the sofa and the flooring. You’ll also enhance your comfort zone and build a welcoming space.

In conclusion, we can safely say that minimalist-style center tables are a great bet in decor. The choice you make, the influence you want to generate and how you prefer to make use of your space will depend on you.

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