Upcoming Sofa Trends for 2022

Discover the upcoming sofa trends for 2022. These include the use of textures such as velvet and ethnic patterns and designs.
Upcoming Sofa Trends for 2022

Last update: 23 November, 2021

The new year is fast approaching and if you enjoy being at the forefront of home interior design, you should know the upcoming sofa trends for 2022. This item of furniture is one of the most important and largest pieces in your living room. So, it’s important to go beyond its function and choose something that’s elegant, modern, and colorful.

Regardless of whether your living room is large or small, within the predicted trends for 2022, you’ll find a sofa that’s right for you and aligned with on-trend colors, designs, and sizes.

Velvet sofa.

The fashionable textile for sofas in 2022 is velvet. This material was all the rage in 2018 and since then we’ve not completely let it go.

Velvet stands out because it is warm, elegant, fun, and very soft to the touch. However, not all colors are part of the trends for the new year! The spotlight will shine on velvet sofas in colors such as pink and plum.

Sofas with designs and accessories

Gone is the idea that patterned sofas don’t combine well and that they’re only reserved for public places and establishments. Today we can find designs such as ethnic patterns in the best interior decoration catalogs.

This design goes very well with exotic or tropical decor. Ethnic prints aren’t just limited to the sofa upholstery either. They can also be added through accessories such as cushions and blankets in order to create a unified feel. In fact, each element can have different shapes, shades, and sizes.

Complement your living room decor with a focus wall adorned with tropical plant wallpaper and use decorative objects such as lamps and coffee tables made of fiber or natural materials.

Another on-trend design that’s here for the foreseeable, is botanical type prints in which flowers of different sizes and colors stand out. Under this design, you can add some armchairs to accompany your sofa.

Modular sofas.

Modular sofas have a great advantage and that is that they can adapt to almost every space. Some even have a chaise longue design for greater comfort.

The key sofa trends for modular sofas in 2022 will be in the location of the seats and how they can be arranged to suit your needs. It’s worth noting that some new models are available in a variety of colors, adding even more personality to your living room.

The colors that will mark 2022

Next year will be marked by light colors and this includes sofas. Of course, black, white, and gray won’t ever go out of style, but pink will lead like never before. This is a beautiful shade that brings out the feminine side of any space. It can also be combined with shades of gray, blue, green, lilac and white, among others.

Another of the colors that’ll set the sofa trends for 2022 is aquamarine green or teal, which combines very well with neutral tones and with other more vibrant ones such as ocher. On the other hand, the mustard color won’t be too far behind and will continue in the new year.

Don’t forget about your cushions

Trends in sofas for 2022 cushions.

Accent pillows raise the bar on any sofa. By 2022, these accessories (including blankets for colder seasons) will still be in force. It’s still valid to mix colors, textures and figures. What’s more, it’s ideal to use cushions with contrasting colors in lighter or darker tones–depending on the base color of your sofa.

Minimalism will still be in force for 2022

When your living room is small the minimalist style fits perfectly. In this sense, love seat sofas are one of the best options; they’re small, comfortable and fit two people without any spacing problems.

The market offers a variety of designs and colors in this style, so you’ll easily find one that suits your tastes.

As you can see, sofa trends for 2022 are simple, but beautiful. In summary, velvet, patterns and pastel colors will take the lead during the new year. To this, we can add accessories such as cushions in shades that generate contrast and elegance.