Using Leaves as Decorative Inspiration

Leaves offer many decorative ideas for use in your home.
Using Leaves as Decorative Inspiration

Last update: 08 June, 2020

Home decorations feature drawings or patterns and help you add a theme to your home. Have you thought about using leaves as decorative inspiration?

In nature, many plants offer interesting designs you can use as decoration in your home.

If you take a look around, some of your decorative elements link to the natural world. People usually have a plant or two in their homes.

Leaves as patterns in picture frames.

Using leaves as a pattern for your cushions

Both the living room and the bedroom can make use of cushions with leaves as a pattern. A pattern like this can look realistic and add a green and natural touch to your design.

Tropical leaves are very common. For example, palm trees, ferns, birds of paradise, etc. These can be printed as watercolors. The main idea is that it conveys an exotic vibe.

Cushions using leaves as a pattern usually have a white background. This background is perfect to let the pattern stand out on its own. Likewise, you can create compositions using animals or colored leaves with gold, yellow, blue, etc.

Wallpaper using leaves as a pattern.

5 decorative items using leaves

Any room in your home can use decorative items that use leaves. Here are five decorative resources you can use:

  1. Wallpaper. You don’t have to cover every wall with wallpaper, you can use it on one wall. Many bars use this type of decoration to offer an exotic environment to their clientele.
  2. Pictures. You can hang a few pictures of leaves, as in a botanical museum. Use the name of the plants, as well. Think about creating a picture with dried leaves.
  3. Curtains. Leaf patterns can be repetitive but work on curtains.
  4. Tablecloths. For your garden tables, try using tablecloths with leaves on. This gives your tables a chic touch. This will also look good in your dining room or living room.
  5. Upholstery. Chairs or sofas can have leaves on them. Repeating patterns add a different look to the usual interior design concept.

Creating a hippie and alternative look

An alternative way to decorate your room is a hippie look. This can add a more youthful and relaxed feel. Think about using a surfer or psychedelic theme.

A very popular theme among young people is the hemp plant. This can be seen on cushions, blankets, and quilts. Be bold and break social norms.

Within this scope, the Jamaican decorative style is very much in trend. The main goal is to offer a more alternative and relaxed environment.

Fabric print cushion covers using leaves as a pattern.

Other decorative ideas

Find an outdoor pot, paint some dry leaves, and fix them to the pot. You can also try this with notebooks, lampshades… use your imagination.


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