Using Floral Crowns: A Romantic Trend

Pay tribute to spring and welcome summer by using floral wreaths in your home decor. They're simple, original and elegant.
Using Floral Crowns: A Romantic Trend

Last update: 01 June, 2023

During the last few weeks, we’ve been giving you tips on how to fill your home with joy through colors, materials, and nature. Did you know that floral crowns are one of this season’s latest and most romantic trends?

What began years ago as an exclusive look specifically for events such as weddings, communions, or baptisms, has now managed to sneak into our home decor too. Floral crowns are currently embellishing and filling our homes with romanticism and if you like this idea, keep reading!

We’re going to give you all the ideas and inspiration you need to use floral crowns in your decor and fill your home with joy. If you love DIY, you can embark on a creative adventure and start making your own arrangements. Choose between either preserved, artificial, or fresh flowers. 

Obviously, if you decide to use fresh flowers, keep in mind that they’ll only last a few days, but they can be a great look for a big celebration.

On the contrary, artificial and preserved flowers will last a lifetime. There are many tutorials you can watch on YouTube and these explain the process clearly with some stunning results. Find the one you like the most and make it yourself.

Inspiration and ideas

Decorate with floral crowns, a very romantic trend
Image: Lucia Be

If you need some inspiration, look no further! Below, you’ll find some beautiful and original ideas to help you fill your home with romance.

Rustic floral crowns

If you like the rustic style, you’ll love this crown on Pinterest. It’s made with branches, artificial flowers, and green leaves. The most interesting thing here is how it’s been displayed in a wooden window frame; the result is simple and stunning. You can put yours on one of the walls in your hallway.


The internet is full of ideas and inspiration and one such brand is LuciaBe. This Spanish company makes it possible to find a jewel in the crown. Take a look at their website and find ready-made crowns to make you fall in love.

One of our favorites is made from preserved lavender flowers, which ensures its durability. This is ideal for decorating your bedroom, although it would also look great in a living room too. Where would you put it?

Decorate with floral crowns, a very romantic trend

Mini versions of floral crowns

Another way to decorate with floral crowns is by using them in small doses. You’ve probably seen them hanging on the backs of chairs during a special event. Do you like this idea too?

To recreate this, use a piece of wire in a circular shape and any flowers that you choose. You can completely surround the wire circle or pin the flowers to the sides. Either way, it’ll look beautiful and bring about a boho vibe. We suggest you add a little eucalyptus to make sure it smells truly wonderful too!

Floral crowns for the entrance of your home

Another of the many ideas we have for you involves using an old bicycle wheel to make the crown. This is easy to make and to get started, you must make a floral pattern with the help of some wire, modeling the wire to give a circular shape.

You can then attach the flowers to the wire and even add some fruits such as oranges or apples. The end result is a beautiful display for the entrance of your home to welcome your visitors.

Floral crowns are simple, stunning, original, and capable of filling every corner of your home with romance and color. Use them to decorate a feature wall or a piece of furniture that you want to update.

As we’ve explained, with a little creativity and imagination, you can easily make them yourself. Alternatively, you can buy them ready-made from all types of deco stores and boutiques.