Use These Apps to Decorate Your Home

Make your home decorating ideas come true by using these apps.
Use These Apps to Decorate Your Home

Last update: 07 September, 2020

Would you like to learn about the apps that you need to decorate your home? This way you can make decorating easier, more fun, and make fewer mistakes.

Technology has allowed us to do this. And now, thanks to your cell phone you can sit comfortably on your favorite sofa and buy, take a class or talk with your friends. You can also discover the interior designer you have inside you. Continue reading and we’ll tell you about the apps that you need to decorate your house.

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If you’re thinking of making some changes in your home, these apps will be a great help. They are easy to follow, intuitive, and will make decorating fun. You can remodel or renovate your furniture, paint your walls, and choose colors. So start downloading now!

Apps that you need to decorate your home – Konmarie

Before making any changes organization is the first step. And Marie Kondo knows all about this. 

This Japanese lady has created an empire, thanks to her philosophy, and also has established this free tool to help you maintain order in your home and post your accomplishments.

In the way that her famous book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” advises, the app divides belongings into 5 categories. Since the house is considered one unit, give yourself time to choose what you want to keep from each category.

Ikea Place

Ikea also offers an app that helps you with the interior design of your house. It allows you to experiment with how the spaces that you are designing will turn out.

You select the products that you want and the application will automatically scale them according to the dimensions of the room with a precision of 98%.  This is a perfect option that will save you buying things that don’t fit.

Apps that you need to decorate your house – You can decorate

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This app helps you answer three of the basic questions that anyone who’s thinking about renovating will have. For one thing, you’ll want to know the cost. Then you’ll need to know what products and materials you’ll need. Next, you’ll need to find out who will do the work.

The app has a slogan called The First Step, and its objective is to be a tool to help with the first phase when you’re thinking about renovating until you contract a professional. You can see how much it would cost to paint a wall or completely gut your house.

Handy Man

This app is a planner that will help you calculate things such as the amount of paint you’ll need. Also, it’ll make a list of what you’ll need and will calculate the approximate costs of any project that you want to do. And even more, it has tutorials so you can learn about renovating.

It has a lot of useful guides, such as IHandLevel which lets you calibrate the level of a flat surface to test if that picture that you’re about to hang is perfectly straight.

Mark and Call

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Mark Lewison, an interior designer, created this app that allows you to create a detailed plan to fine-tune your home.

If you want to transform your house from top to bottom, this is the app that you need. It even can record measurements and to take photos of finished projects. Additionally, it saves images of carpets and floors from manufacturers using the camera, so you can see what they’ll look like in your home. Amazing!

Apps to decorate your house – Colourpin II

How many times have you seen a color that you love but you can’t reproduce it, not even with the help of Pantone.? With this new generation reader, you won’t have this problem again.

This app captures the colors of surfaces, fabrics, or nature itself, which transfer to your cell phone. The app supplies your NCS (natural color system), such as in CYMK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key (black), RGB (red, green, blue), Lab, and also the depth of the luminosity. But that’s not all, once you have the color of your dreams, you can create and share color palettes.

In conclusion, these are some of the apps that you need to decorate your house. They’ll certainly make it much easier when you want to remodel your home.

Thanks to many of these apps, you can see what your renovation will look like in the end.