Try Using Moss to Decorate Your Home

Bring nature into your home with moss
Try Using Moss to Decorate Your Home

Last update: 04 September, 2020

Have you ever thought about decorating your home using moss? Probably not, as it’s something out of the ordinary. Only seen mainly in the Christmas season, it’s often used to decorate a manger scene or around the base of plants.

Moss offers many ways to decorate. It can be of different shapes, but more than anything it’s an innovating and embellishing aesthetic. Basically, it’s alive and creates a natural habitat. Besides that, it has a functional character.

On the other hand, its color is outstanding. The green color of moss is good for a country setting since it’s rustic and sophisticated at the same time. Because of this, it’s becoming more popular in interior design, more than anything for the atmosphere that it transmits.

Using moss – a type of vertical garden

Moss decorating a wall

It’s fairly common to see moss as a vertical garden in public areas. It’s also used in bars and restaurants because it’s an attractive and interesting way to decorate. 

The aesthetic that a garden like this brings is totally innovating. However, it does require daily care and maintenance.

A large wall covered with moss alters the entire look of an area. And, if you add other types of plants, you’ll have a completely different feel with respect to the rest of the decor. What’s interesting is the option to play with color and with sizes.

The eco-chic trend – the shower carpet

Bathroom carpet/

Maybe you’ll find this term in an interior design dictionary. We call eco-chic a trend that tries to use a natural product as a sophisticated and functional aesthetic. In other words, we mean a true decorating revolution.

Here we’ll show you how to make a shower rug from moss. To do this, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Cut rubber rug padding in circles to place where you want to put the pieces of moss. Put these over another opaque plain smooth mat. Then, attach the pieces to this with tape being careful where to place them and make sure they are completely adhered to.
  • Next, place the moss on each space. Try to place a layer of soil directly underneath. You’ll notice that the idea is to create a natural floor.
  • In order to take care of it, you have to feed it with more than just the water that comes out when showering. In addition, the moss is going to require constant care by spraying it with water. Monthly, it’s important to sprinkle water on the moss so it’s damp and can thrive.

Here’s a use for moss – decorative letters

letters formed by moss

letter with moss/

An interesting project is to make letters with moss. The size can vary, but generally, the result is better with large letters. They can be put on a concrete wall to draw attention and highlight the beauty of the location.

It’s as easy as cutting some poster board or cardboard into the shape of letters. Next, add the moss. But how do you fix it?

You may be able to find a type of moss to buy that comes in clumps that’s easy to affix to a surface.  You can put white glue on top of the cardboard and then put the moss on top.

Picture gardens – a real revolution

Moss on a white wall as a decoration

This application is very special. Obviously, we’re talking about something very attractive and revolutionary. Normally, we decorate our homes with pictures. However, have you thought about the possibility of making a picture with moss?

With this project, you can put different types of moss on the surface. That said, it’s important that the frame is wide so that it serves as a support at the same time. This is essential since it’s going to be in a vertical position on a wall or above a table.




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