Try These Cool Colors to Refresh Your Home

Do you know what the cool colors are for decorating?
Try These Cool Colors to Refresh Your Home

Last update: 16 September, 2020

The best way to refresh your home is by using cool colors to decorate. To create this feeling, there are different types of cool colors and each one offers a distinct characteristic.

In places where the climate has very hot summers with high temperatures, it’s great to use colors that transmit coolness. As a result, the house will feel more refreshing.

In the world of interior design, all resources play an important role. However, some can play a major part in an aesthetic image that’s generally pleasing.

Even though it may not seem like it, we continually perceive feelings through what we see. Up to a point, this depends on the color schemes in our living space. We create our own impressions in our minds.

Cool colors with blue tones and all their possibilities

a bathroom with blue tiles on the wall with cool colors

Without a doubt, blue tones are the most eye-catching. There are different varieties, each with their own qualities. Moreover, they’re appropriate for any room and are easy to combine with other colors.

On one hand, you should highlight the lighter blues, such as sky blue or light blue. These work well in children’s rooms, but also in the bathroom, the kitchen, or with the right furniture ( chairs, sofas, easy chairs, etc).  In a hallway, you can use a color such as emerald that is close to turquoise.

As far as the dark colors go, you can indigo or navy blue. These give a more serious atmosphere when used in living rooms and bedrooms.

      Different varieties and multiple advantages

Violet – an alternate tone

A bed with violet sheets and gray wall

If you want your spaces to be filled with energetic colors, and at the same time generate a refreshing touch to the house, a palette of violets can be truly interesting. Besides, they’re a different option to what is normally used in decoration. There are three shades:

1. First, we need to explain the color violet. It’s between dark and light purple. It’s not a tone that exists in nature. It’s a good choice for bedroom walls.

2. If you don’t want such a cool atmosphere, you can choose a reddish violet. This leans toward warmth, but without losing its freshness. Without a doubt, its appearance shows elegance, distinction, and a subtle touch.

3. For a darker hue, eggplant violet is appropriate and goes well with several colors. But it can be a little too dark for the walls. Because of that, professionals recommend using it with furniture and other accessories.

How can you work with green?

Among the cool colors, green has various tones. Some tend to be light, as in pistachio green and emerald green. Or sometimes that green may have a dark and strong hue, such as bottle green or army green.

Any of the greens work on furniture or the walls. However, it’s not recommended to fill your home with a singular tone of green. It’s best to use it in contrast with other colors to strengthen and make a dynamic impression.

The best way to combine green hues with other colors is through the use of plants. By doing this, you not only add color to spaces, but it helps to freshen the rooms. Plants generate pleasant aromas and oxygenate the atmosphere.

Turquoise – a singular color

A living room with a turquoise chair

Turquoise deserves a special place in the home. It’s attractive and unique and it’s out of the ordinary.

Many interior designers choose this color for walls. To complement it, they recommend combining it with white for contrast. Its use is great as accessories, such as pillows, easy chairs, curtains, etc.

In conclusion, we’ve looked at a variety of cool colors. We’ve seen multiple options that will offer and add a refreshing touch to your home.



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