Transform Your Rented Apartment into a Cozy Home

Rented living spaces need a new decor to bring them into modern times that match who we actually are.
Transform Your Rented Apartment into a Cozy Home

Last update: 03 February, 2020

Living in a rented apartment or living space doesn’t mean being limited to a basic, purely functional and temporary setting. Today, we want to show you some ways to jazz things up and transform your rented apartment into a cozy home.

While it might not be your permanent home, you can still decorate your apartment as if it were yours. Use elements like elegant furniture and smart layout. The first goal is creating a comfortable space while adding a personal feel to feel right at home.

Remember that humans need to live in a comfortable space. Many families rent homes and spend years there, converting them into their nest without actually owning them.

Main objective – making your rented space yours

rented space objective

If you live in a rented apartment or living space and plan on being there for a while, make the decor yours. In other words, all of the decor elements should reflect who you are.

Using the landlord’s original furniture and decor is a common mistake among renters. And it’s especially common in student apartments. Doing so is choosing to live in a place that fails to represent you.

Instead, make the decor yours by using your favorite resources and colors. But that doesn’t mean throwing out all the furniture – just give it a new spin and match it with new accessories.

— By adding your own personal touches to a space, you can make it yours. —

4 important tips to take with you

rented apartment tips

When it comes to home decor, conforming to the basics to get by is all too easy. But sometimes we grow tired and want new ideas. So here are some helpful decor tips:

  • Make sure your living room has all of the basics: couch, shelves, light fixtures, and a dining table. But add your personal touches to the curtains, rug, and other decor accessories.
  • Bedrooms, on the other hand, are easier to tweak. Pick out a comforter and wall color that you love. We recommend creating a warm, relaxing setting that helps you rest well at night.
  • Meanwhile, the bathrooms present the most limitations. Renovating outdated plumbing isn’t an option for rented apartments or living spaces. So the best option is using personal details that can create a setting you can be happy with.
  • The walls in rented living spaces are usually bare or minimal. Try removing all the wall decor and putting up what makes you happy. Dress up your home with paintings, clocks, mirrors, fabrics, etc.

Change the colors

rented apartment colors

Apartments or homes that are for rent aren’t usually brand new and rarely have a perfect coat of paint covering their walls. Many apartments show signs of time, including old paint.

If that’s your situation, try changing up your wall colors. Use tones that represent who you are and try to create a special atmosphere.

Changing your wall colors is worth the effort to transform a rented living space into a cozy home. It’ll help you feel more comfortable and, of course, transmit energy and life. Changing the colors can make all the difference in your home.

— Color is the best way to transmit who you are in your home decor. —

Spicing up an old house

More often than not, we have to rent an old apartment or house. That means the decor accessories, such as light fixtures or furniture, might be old as well.

Try to change them and bring in a more modern, younger decor to freshen things up and feel more at home.

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